Any cool/unique low level hunter pets?

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  3. Any cool/unique low level hunter pets?

User Info: roguehamster

7 years ago#1
Anything aside from the standard of wolves, boars, bears and the like. Any unusual pets available to a low level hunter? (Horde)
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User Info: lancedrago

7 years ago#2
Kurken's level 14 I believe, you'd have to venture into alliance territory though
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User Info: A7X71180

7 years ago#3 only 1 other mob that looks like it in the game.
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User Info: pegusus123456

7 years ago#4

He's a ferocity pet available at level sixteen. The only wrinkle is that he must be summoned and I believe he generally pulls mobs along with him.

Here's the quest. There's a bit of a chain beforehand.

User Info: Grand_Torrasque

7 years ago#5
sneak into northshire valley in elwynn and tame a zombie/diseased wolf
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User Info: Itachi62

7 years ago#6
Humar the Pridelord.
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User Info: DirtyNastyNate

7 years ago#7
Dont see a lot of low level horde hunters with ravagers
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User Info: ShadowEdgeX

7 years ago#8
There's the pink flamingo looking plainstrider in the Barrens. I raided Teldrassil for an Owl on my level 11 Horde hunter.
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User Info: kingdomkazooie

7 years ago#9
Horde wise, I'd say the moths that can be found on Azuremyst Island are a pretty unique low level pet, although it'd take a long time to get there and a few deaths are probable.
If you want something a little closer to home, try either Echeyakee or Humar the Pridelord. (one is summoned via quest and the other is a rare)
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User Info: pegusus123456

7 years ago#10
Aren't the mana wyrmlings in the belf starting area also trainable?
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