combat rogues can't use daggers....

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User Info: misled_youth116

7 years ago#1
finally lvl 10 and i get to choose which build to use, so i ran off to and found 2. one for assassination and one for combat. everybody has told me combat is for lvling, only problems is that i have 2 heirloom daggers and everybody has told me u can't be combat and use daggers. what build to use, somebody, anybody save me from the madness.

User Info: AnaTheCat

7 years ago#2
Get the slow one hand heirloom sword and go combat with the dagger offhand.

User Info: Coolmanjoe1

7 years ago#3
Solution: Level assassination instead. Pwn BGs

User Info: Sketchie

7 years ago#4
There is nothing wrong with using daggers to level as combat.

I'd imagine other weapons are more useful for combat rogues (I'm assassination myself). When you reach 80 and get good weapons that helps to maximize your DPS you can always respec your build to use the weapons.
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User Info: Paradoxism

7 years ago#5
Get the slow one hand heirloom sword and go combat with the dagger offhand.

this is a decent option, much better than throwing away both heirlooms

User Info: Invisible1122

7 years ago#6
Assassination really isn't that bad for lvling. Sure it's more of a pain in the ass than combat, but you can always just run a lot of instances.

User Info: DivineWraith

7 years ago#7
Get the dal'rends for your MH, level normally as combat.

When you can get mutilate, buy dual spec and make mut your second spec.

This is what I did while leveling my rogue and I had an absolute blast. I found myself sticking with mutilate more, just because I could kill most regular mobs during the initial stun lock, or just flat out 2 shot them. I used combat for solo killing any elites and killing groups. When I got bored of leveling, I could pvp with mut, and ganking was cool since I could have either spec at the ready for different situations. Since you have the luxury of stealth, you get that nifty little option of choosing which spec would be better for each target.

User Info: Fishanelli

7 years ago#8
What's wrong with sticking with the heirloom daggers and getting CQC? I'd imagine with 2 heirloom weapons it wouldn't really matter seeing as your biggest limiting factor in killing would probably be energy regen.

But I don't know jack about Rogues, so I'm probably wrong.
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User Info: Hentaru

7 years ago#9
Leveling is so easy as rogue that I just didn't spec into a specific weapon which allowed me to switch to whatever I came across that had better DPS which often meant daggers (rogue was my first 80 so I didn't have heirlooms).

Daggers don't burst as high and aren't as good for combat spec but think about it this way:

Your daggers will always be equavilent to blues of the same level. This means unless you farm another heirloom weapon or constantly do low level instances for blue weapons, the daggers will always be the superior choice regardless of your spec. With dual daggers your weapon specialization talent also applies to both weapons.
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User Info: pies12

7 years ago#10
ITT: people who have never played a rogue and/or terrible rogues.
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