Arcane mage dps rotation

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User Info: The_Last_Ride

7 years ago#1

i am following the rotation of Arcane Blast 4x and missiles when proc followed up by barrage, but my dps is only 4.5 k with 5.4k gearscore

User Info: ColdFlamez

7 years ago#2
On a dummy?
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User Info: madragon5

7 years ago#3
why do u have barrage following missiles O.o
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User Info: jpear5000

7 years ago#4
Don't barrage after missiles, it's a waste of mana and it's higher DPS to use the next GCD on your next arcane blast. Rotation should be something like, Arcane blast x4, if missiles has proc'd, missiles, if not barrage. It can be situational though, if you have plenty of mana you could arcane blast perhaps 1-2 more times to hope for a missiles proc, or if a boss is fairly low and about to die (but getting close to enrage).

User Info: raginbull911

7 years ago#5
1. Don't use barrage, it's bad DPS and DPM.

2. Arcane mages scale very well with raid buffs that boost haste and spellpower, given that more haste = faster to for stacks.

3. Depending on your mana situation, it can be better DPS to spam AB until you get a MBAM proc; if you need to clear your stack, clear with unhasted AM, not ABar.

4. lol arcane
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User Info: The_Last_Ride

7 years ago#6
ok so AB spam until proc?
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