Priest vs Mage vs Shaman [Please Read]

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User Info: x_SSBB_x

7 years ago#1
Ok, I'm a bit of an altoholic and I want to create another class.

I am in no way a fast leveler and all my 80s are DPS, so heroic's aren't very fast as I have a hefty wait time.

I already have BoA cloth shoulders, chest, and staff (all enchanted).
I already have BoA mail shoulders and chest.
I have no spare Emblems, so would have to grind.

I am considering a mage, priest or shaman, and I will be doing the following:

From 15 onwards, I will want to random dungeon level - I'm not a big fan of questing, especially at low levels, and as such I will be spending most of my time in a main city waiting on random dungeons, with the very occasional WSG or AB (20+), and a very very occasional quest if I don't want to travel far.

I am a big fan of PvP and as the levels progress I will start to BG more and more often, until 51, where I will be constantly queued for AV until 58, when I will then go to Outland and level, with the quite occasional AV.

Now, I just want to generally have a nice time leveling my new alt, so I want a fun class, and one that is good in PvP, particularly from 51+.

My mage will be an unknown spec, I'll let the reader of this post decide that.
My shaman will be Enh, as that is the spec I enjoy most.
My priest will be shadow (well, from 40+ anyways). I will consider holy for leveling until then, and I can dualspec holy at 40, I have no shortage of cash.

What sounds like the best class for me?

Thanks for reading :)

User Info: FoxMetaI

7 years ago#2

User Info: ShadowxReborn

7 years ago#3
Well Frost Mages and Shadow Priests are both quite OP at the moment and level quickly, I was disappointed with shaman leveling though, a lot of mana problems til around lvl 40 or so.

User Info: x_SSBB_x

7 years ago#4
Oh, I also have BoA plate shoulders and chest, and BoA leather shoulders, if you think I would enjoy another class.

I already have a Hunter at 60, a Rogue at 80, and a DK at 80 though, so neither of those 3 classes.

User Info: JigglyJello

7 years ago#5
Shadow Priests are OP.
Frost mages are almost the most balanced class in the game
Shamans.. what?

Shadow Priest. Unless the shadow priest and shaman are fighting. then the mage.
unless the mage and shammy are fighting. then the shadow priest.
unless the mage and priest are fighting. then the shaman.

User Info: JigglyJello

7 years ago#6
no i didnt read.

User Info: TheJackyl

7 years ago#7
Priest or Shaman, Queue as a healer.

And as much as you hate questing, depending on your server at least, you may not get an instant queue so you may want to quest in-between dungeons.

Also, healing isn't that bad early game, I got from 15 to 30 on my Shammy, healing while spec'd Enhancement, Than I got bored and stopped playing altogether, because I hate the grind from 30 to 58 (I did it with 4 classes already)
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User Info: NitroRat

7 years ago#8
Lets see here.

Mages are incredible fun for pvp, they're my favorite pvp class. Queues as dps though, so longer queues there.

Priests are probably the most interesting healing, imo, for pvp. I have a relentless geared resto druid, but for one reason or another priests are just much more involved and interesting. Level holy 10-40, shadow the rest of the way. Disc is amazing for healing.

Shamans, arguably the one class i find the most fascinating "in theory." I'm leveling one now, and having a ton of fun as enhance. Av from 51-60 was done within an afternoon and i was mauling as enhance.

So lets break it down some more.

Priest- Heals
Mage- Deeps
Shaman- Either

Dungeon leveling? Priest or shaman would be better bets. Of the two, the priest would be better at pvp healing imo. Mages get stuck with the wait time.
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User Info: x_SSBB_x

7 years ago#9
When I get enough inputs to fully decide, I'll post my progress on the new character :)

User Info: uncle_pat

7 years ago#10
Queuing seems pointless at levels 1-20, Im able to get my alts up to lvl 10-12 within an hour or two of playing. It sounds like it would take much longer to get there while waiting for dungeons to pop up.
Id say go priest, personally I find the class to be fun as hell, especially when leveling as Shadow.
However, since I already have a priest, If I were to level another alt Id go with a shaman.
Theyre just incredible healers in my opinion these days.
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  3. Priest vs Mage vs Shaman [Please Read]

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