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User Info: phedrea

6 years ago#11
I just maxed Archaeology yesterday and between lvl 1-525 I have received the following:

Ring of the boy Emperor
Fossilized Raptor
Fossilized Hatchling
Bones of Transformation
Wisp Amulet
Highborne Mirror
Kaldorei Wind Chimes
The last relic of Argus
Headdress of the First Shaman
Queen Azshara's Dressing Gown
Druid and Priest Statue set

I'm currently working on Chalice of the Mountain King

User Info: master_theif

6 years ago#12
Is there a link anywhere that lists what the epic rewards are?

User Info: styl_N_K

6 years ago#13

I have 16 rares, but nothing really that stands out. For example I don't have the any of the epic weapons yet with the exception of the 2h axe from the race in Northrends (ilvl 226 item) and as for Tol'vir I have 2 of the 6 epic items, but only the ring and the pendant of scarab storm. So those really good epic ilvl 359 weapons really are that hard to get.

User Info: phedrea

6 years ago#14

User Info: mncpand

6 years ago#15
I have spent a very long time on archaeology and have received most of the blues or epics that don't really matter. The only reason why I'm spending so much time on arch, like many others I'm sure, is to get the pre-raiding epics. No matter how much I spend "farming" arch I never get to work on one of these 85 epics. So I'm trying to figure out why this might be and I have an idea. Could it be possible that you cannot create or work on two weapon/item 85 epics at the same time? All this time I could have made the Vrykul lvl 80 epic axe. I never did because I don't want it or need it. Only used Vrykul to lvl. I'm not talking about the little clickys, I'm talking about the actual weapons or items that are 85 epics and fit into your gear slots. I have all of the NE rares except Tyrande's favorite Doll. I have gone through more than 50 NE common artifacts in search of this doll to no avail. Ideas? And if you tell me that's it's just simply that difficult to come across these epics, archaeology isn't worth it then.. Unless you're just going for the mounts/clickys that don't matter.

User Info: mncpand

6 years ago#16
Sorry for the confusion, meant you cannot work on two of any items that could increase your stats at the same time regardless of item level. So... for example you can't have the 60 cloth chest in que and not finish it, but expect to still be able to work on one of the 85 epics.

User Info: functionzer0

6 years ago#17
It's all RNG, I have all the Non Level 85 BoAs and nothing good for the past few days :/
Dasher? That's a stupid name, my name is Marmaduke.

User Info: mncpand

6 years ago#18
So it sounds like archaeology isn't that worth it after all... Of course unless you're after the mounts... which will take you in 525... or the clickys. But if you ARE after the BoA epics for pre-raiding it is NOT worth it. In the amount of time you spend farming these BoA epics you would have far surpassed the gear requirement for raiding if grinding out the heroics instead; unless you are one of the few extremely lucky players... which most of us aren't. Tbh I wish someone had posted what I'm now posting so that I could have steered far away from archaeology. It simply is not worth it. GL to any and all of you who decide to keep going. It is a nice way to lvl up your char and get a few cool things while doing it. I was 85 when I started lvling arch, but I do hear that it does accumulate a decent amount of xp.
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