Worgen: Furry or Prot to level?

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User Info: Golberg51

7 years ago#1
24 atm.


User Info: IceMage20

7 years ago#2
Click here to take the idiot test. ~ Glaurungd
^uh i think your link doesnt work, u should learn HMTL ~MooMoo321

User Info: apunahasa

7 years ago#3
wait til 30 then go both
He treats objects like women man!

User Info: mustardpi314

7 years ago#4
i see what you did there
welcome to new age gaming, where the less skilled you are,
the higher chance you have of beating somebody more skilled than you.

User Info: _MorningStar

7 years ago#5

http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz61/_morningstar/2h6hmy0.jpg - <3 her
Not changing my sig until Kofi Kingston wins WHC or WWE title- 7/19/10

User Info: Nikedawg08

7 years ago#6
Prot, since you already are a furry.
^ You cannot unsee, <3 Monday Night Combat.
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