Whats better overall? Mage or Warlock?

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User Info: bushrack

6 years ago#1

I'm new to the game and me and my brother are going to RAF and play casters togethor. We're going to be a mage and a warlock, but I want the best one for myself obviously! Which one is funner? Which one is less gear dependent? Finally, which one is better for a casual player?

Cheers, thanks alot.

User Info: RepublicanRebel

6 years ago#2
Lock is better for a casual player, because mages are better.
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User Info: Crunch34

6 years ago#3
mages = faceroll
warlock = depth

warlocks are harder to play, so the lesser skilled of you should pick mage.

User Info: ChocoboMog123

6 years ago#4
Mage for PvP, Lock for PvE. Both are viable in both settings and both are rather balanced. Mages are a bit easier to play, especially for PvE. Both aren't that gear dependent, though Warlocks will be certainly less so come the next tier of gear if they aren't fixed (they'll have scaling issues).

IMO, all of the Warlock specs play more or less the same on single target fights: Keep ISF up > keep dots up > keep CD's on CD > spam nuke. Destro plays a bit faster, Demo plays a bit slower, Affliction has the least amount of buttons. Fire Mages play a bit like a Warlock, but Arcane and Frost feel quite a bit different, IMO.

Even with RAF, by the time you hit 85 the next patch will likely be out or come out soon after, and things will have likely shifted around. If I could do it all again, I'd probably main a Mage just to get rid of stupid pet micromanagement, though I certainly love the utility of multi-dots, Bane of Havoc, and Demo AOE.

User Info: jmitnick

6 years ago#5
Neither is "better". Also, every patch and mini patch changes things so at any given time one could excel in an area of the other and that could change.

You should pick the one who you find more fun on a more basic level. Do you want to wield the power of frost, fire, and arcane, or do you want to have demon pets and be all shadowy and evil (although fiery if you want :) ).
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User Info: AMonkey

6 years ago#6
Both are good classes.

User Info: ahubuhbagoo

6 years ago#7
Crunch has it right
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User Info: Tzafo

6 years ago#8
LOL @ "You need to be skilled to play a warlock."

User Info: Nubstradamus

6 years ago#9
You don't need skill to play any class, but to faceroll with a lock you need skill, some other classes require less to do the same.
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User Info: foodeater4

6 years ago#10
I dont think both of you should roll casters cause youll be completing for the same loot, thus one of your charactters will be gimped if you steal all the loot or youll both be half assed if you split it.

Most fun IMO, one of you roll a warlock, one of you roll a hunter, youll both have pets and both be shooting and blowing stuff up. You both need entirely different gear so there will be no loot whoring fights.
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  3. Whats better overall? Mage or Warlock?

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