Moonkin Moonfire/Sunfire macro help.

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User Info: Thizzlin21

6 years ago#1
I've been having some trouble writing a macro that I want, and thought I'd ask for some help.

Essentially I want it to cast Moonfire/Sunfire on my focus target without dropping my current target. The problem I'm having is that the way I'm doing it, when I go into Solar Eclipse, thus MF turns into SF, I get a "spell not learned" error. I can't quite figure out how to avoid this issue that seems to be caused by the MF/SF switching.

For reference, this is how it is written now:

#showtooltip Moonfire
/cast [target=focus,exists] Moonfire

I've tried using a /click command, but this seems to not work (or I am writing it incorrectly) with the "[target=focus,exists]" line of the macro, and I end up hitting the wrong targets and such. Also if it matters, I have MF/SF on the main action bar button #12 (the "=" key), keybound to F1.

Any help is much appreciated!

User Info: SilentZed

6 years ago#2
Until a more formal answer is given, have you just tried simply adding both lines for Sunfire and Moonfire into the same macro, so it tries to cast both?
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User Info: KrelianZG

6 years ago#3
I don't know the right format off the top of my head, but using the button clicking is the way to go. You could also try a /cast Moonfire /cast Sunfire and turn off error messages maybe.

Yeah, not much help, I know.
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User Info: Wormeck

6 years ago#4
Currently there is no way to make a macro cast Sunfire. Since it's not a spell you actually get in your spellbook, the game does not recognize /cast Sunfire. You pretty much have no real work around sadly.

You can try this:

#showtooltip moonfire
/click ActionButton#

With the # replaced by the slot you have moonfire on, but I don't know for sure if you can use that in a focus macro.
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User Info: SilentZed

6 years ago#5
Is there any way to make a macro to function of something already on your actionbar? Kind of like it would function just as a button click would.

Edit after reading Shadowbeast's Post: Ah, gotcha. My reply window was open far too long and I didn't see Shadow's when I posted.
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/cast Palm

User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

6 years ago#6
Read Shadow Beast's post. Right above yours.
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