Fastest way to go from neutral to honored guild rep as a healer?

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User Info: Xialoh

6 years ago#1

I want to level a mage, but I won't do it unless I have the majority of all possible heirlooms (I'll settle for not having that BoA ring, because I'm not leveling fishing...). That said, I don't know the exact numbers required at each rep level. I'm currently at 567/300 neutral. I have the slight convenience of a +100% rep gain tabard from my alt who's honored in a level 17 guild.

Basically, all I want to know is what the numbers are for friendly to honored. Since there's a weekly cap, it just comes down to time investment and the total weekly possibility, I guess. I just never have monitored what exactly gave me my rep, and never even noticed when I went up in rep levels at all. The experience bar says I earn rep by doing quests, killing bosses, and doing rated BGs. Is questing substantially faster than boss kills? About how much rep do you get per boss kill within a guild run?

I really don't want to quest >_> killing things will take a month all by itself..

Edited for updated stuff I just found out from a friend of mine.
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User Info: Chttrbox88

6 years ago#2
Quest, do dailies. Unless all your runs are guild runs it's seriously not worth it to dungeon for rep. Even then questing is better.

User Info: ryouma17

6 years ago#3
do quests till friendly then buy a the guild rep tabard, it increases all guild rep earned by 50% and when you get honored you can buy the next version of the tabard that increases rep by 100%

User Info: ChocoboMog123

6 years ago#4
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User Info: zylya

6 years ago#5
If you've got the 100% tabard, then basically you can cap by making your 7 Zandalari Heroics (which you'll be doing for VP) all-guild runs. Just get a group of guildies together at a good time and do as many as you can in one go, but all 7 in a week will get you close to capped. If you do the Cooking/Fishing dailies as well that's another 80 rep per day.

User Info: AwesomeNameHere

6 years ago#6
arenas give you an amazing amount of rep. something like 700 a win or something with the tabard, if you do it with a guilde.

User Info: NFitz322

6 years ago#7
arenas, without a doubt.
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User Info: dakotah1978

6 years ago#8
2v2 arena with a guild mate.
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User Info: ZDT_Leader

6 years ago#9
Doing arena's with a straight guild group is the fastest way to get rep with a guild.
Like 400 rep per win I believe.
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User Info: sporty8045

6 years ago#10
2v2 by far.
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