Blood DK - Hit to Cap?

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User Info: fincavigia

6 years ago#1
I just started using a blood DK at lvl 84. I think it's a fun class, but I don't know what to do about my hit rating.

Should I be hit to cap even though I am tank? If not, what's a reasonable hit % to have?


User Info: Megeas

6 years ago#2
What you get from gear is a reasonable amount. Fact is that Threat is not an issue once vengeance stacks up. Hit and expertise are threat stats and you would be better off getting more mastery.

That said missing Death Strikes is bad or a DK so having some hit doesn't hurt. Its still not worth stacking for.

User Info: Sp00k

6 years ago#3
I did last tier's raid content with about 90 hit rating. I currently have about 150. It's not important enough to gear/gem/reforge for. Mastery and avoidance are better.
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User Info: bravo1

6 years ago#4
Unless you're having extreme threat issues, reforge away all threat and expertise. Vengeance will pick up the rest of your slack.
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User Info: Viper114

6 years ago#5
You should not actively reforge/gem/enchant for hit or expertise as Blood. It's not necessary. Reforge out of them into avoidance or mastery.
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User Info: Dissonance2003

6 years ago#6
It was only really an issue at the outset of tier 11. Mastery and avoidance both come well ahead of hit and exp, and really, you should just be aiming for one those two (most here do Mastery, but I know there are some DK tanks who stack avoidance with good results).

User Info: Cheerful_Chum

6 years ago#7
Hit is not just a threat stat. Every missed or avoided Death Strike is a loss in survivability.

What you get on gear is generally good enough - don't gem or reforge for it - but there's an argument to not reforge it off gear into dodge or parry.
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User Info: fincavigia

6 years ago#8
So,does this mean if I have 2% miss for the highest range, I should just leave it at that?

User Info: Strawberry_Jum

6 years ago#9
Every missed or avoided Death Strike is a loss in survivability.

While this is true, keep in mind a missed/avoided DS doesn't cost you any resources (there's a slight chance I'm wrong here, but I'm fairly sure that was the outcome last I checked), so unless you're specifically timing your death strikes, which I gather isn't really necessary until content pushing, it's a negligible loss.

Besides, gemming to make them unmissable/unavoidable is a huge waste of resources. Better off taking the missed attack and getting it next GCD, imo.
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