Best looking daggers/Rogue gear in your opinion

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User Info: Nutrybe

6 years ago#1

Just wanted to know what some of you think the best looking daggers or Rogue gear is. I personally like Gutgore Ripper from MC to go with the Tier 2 set. I also think some of the lesser sets like Wastewalker and Assassination look kind of cool too. Anyone else have their favorites?

User Info: EkulYenaved

6 years ago#2
I like the look of the Wrathful Gladiator's/season 8 rogue gear, minus the hat- I'd probably complement it with an eyepatch, like the Rifle Commander's Eyepatch from the Stockades.

As for daggers, I really like the Alliance side ToC daggers, with the little Stormwind lion.

edit: oh, but I'm a worgen, so I'm not planning on using the chest- going to be using Sandrene's Invisible Vest instead.

User Info: Nutrybe

6 years ago#3

I also forgot about Shard of Azzinoth. Too bad the procs for certain weapons won't translate when transmogrifying. Having a few Ember of Azzinoth fight with you would be kind of cool again. The ToC weapons weren't bad, but I wasn't a big fan of them. I think it was because I was stuck with Twin Spike for months because nothing would EVER drop in ICC for me. Finally ended up with Heartpierce, which is kind of nice looking too. Now that I think of it...I kind of like the Rogue Tier 10 set too.

I actually enjoy the Dungeon Set 3 Rogue gear that drops from BC dungeon end bosses. Incredibly simple, yet fitting for a Rogue (specifically an Assassination Rogue). Daggers, jeez, there's wayyyyy too many to choose from, although if you can get into a good enough guild, Heroic Alysra's Razor looks fantastic, one of the best looking weapons this tier.
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User Info: CheeseOmen

6 years ago#5
Any answer besides tier 2 rogue set is wrong.
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User Info: MajinUltima

6 years ago#6
Shard of Azzinoth is indeed quite badass. Anything else with a similar look?

Also, my Rogue has Cursed Vision of Sargeras on hand for transmog. :D
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User Info: Nutrybe

6 years ago#7

HAHA! I lost a roll to a hunter for the Cursed Vision of Sargaras this weekend. I was gonna rock that too. *shrug

I'm probably going to go for Tier 2, Tier 5 or Tier 6 sets and keep my Gutgore Rippers...especially if I can complete the Tier 2 or Tier 6 sets. I have full Tier 10, so if I can pick up another Shard of Azzinoth dagger I might go that route.

Anyone else have some badass Rogue sets they plan on getting?

User Info: o0stoneduk0o

6 years ago#8 thats my rogue
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User Info: pies12

6 years ago#9
The fist from Al'ar and the fist set from Hyjal are both cool.
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User Info: Blak4xis

6 years ago#10
Gutgore Rippers/Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade and Shard of Azzinoth.
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