Tank demands recount get posted in Wailing Caverns mid-way through

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  3. Tank demands recount get posted in Wailing Caverns mid-way through

User Info: Sarnecki

5 years ago#1
S. Priest is pulling lower dps than the rest of us by about 100.

Initiates vote kick on Priest

Vote passes

... wtf is wrong with people? Similarly, Deadmines run and there's some guy needed on every single piece of gear. Now, I know it's Deadmines loot, but I did ask why he was doing what he was doing and if he was perhaps new to the game and didn't understand loot mechanics. He told me to shut up. Then suddenly I'm removed from the group. I can only imagine he was with friends or something, or else I have no idea how the hell that would pass either.
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User Info: Moondoggie35

5 years ago#2
Anonymity is what is wrong with these people, and most of the Internet to be frank
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User Info: scrappybristol

5 years ago#3
I had similar experience with a priest wanting to kick a boomkin for low dps in Scholomance. Needless to say he was upset that the boomkin didn't get kicked and whined about having to carry this kid for the rest of the dungeon.

User Info: dangerNDAmanger

5 years ago#4
shadow priests do not have any AoE attacks until LV74, so of course their dps is going to be lower at lowlevels when every single pull is an AoE pull

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
5 years ago#5
Story time? Cool.

Had a healer the other day that was a real obnoxious brat. Right when we entered the dungeon, mage said "brb". Healer initiated a votekick for "dc" and it somehow passed. Posted the dps recount a few times, and blamed me (tank) when he ninja'd a pack. Continually complained about how slow it was even though I was chain pulling and stuff was going down quite quickly.

Luckily he was wearing a bunch of cloth heirlooms (as a druid healer) so I got to rip on him for not knowing his class. He likely did and it was just laziness, but I'd have taken any excuse to rip on him.

Keep in mind this is Blackrock Depths, a level 54ish dungeon. O.o
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  3. Tank demands recount get posted in Wailing Caverns mid-way through

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