How long do dead boddies stay where they are?

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  3. How long do dead boddies stay where they are?

User Info: BrandonWalsh

5 years ago#1
Nothing beaats seeing a dead Tauren on SW bridge lol
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User Info: SilentZed

5 years ago#2
Pretty sure it's as long as the person doesn't rez. Not quite sure about how this functions in instances like raids/dungeons.

Example: I killed a Human in front of Org about five times before he just stopped rezzing yesterday. Last I checked, his body was still there when I logged at least 6 hours later.
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User Info: Ulyaoth74

5 years ago#3
I remember clearly in Vanilla their was a dead undead..... on the road to darnassus. I kept making new night elves and saw that dude in the same spot for 3 weeks. Of course that was Vanilla, not sure about now.
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User Info: sogeoffsocIean

5 years ago#4
until they res unless it's a pile of corpses spelling out a gold selling website, those get removed pretty quick.

User Info: Kikoman589

5 years ago#5
I deleted a human character as a ghost where he died in front of the mine in Northshire Abbey, and some time later I created a new human and the corpse was still there, but nothing came up when I moused over it.
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User Info: angrywalrus13

5 years ago#6
There was a dead worgen in the Stormwind inn that was there for like, 3 days.
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User Info: FizzyElf

5 years ago#7
back in BC on my first character I got killed by a mob when i first walked into ashenvale.

I res'd and continued playing the next day I happened to be walking up the same path
'cuz my hearth was at xroads. I saw my corpse, when i moused over it, it said my name.

wish i'd know how to take screenshots back then.
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User Info: ineedaname88

5 years ago#8
About a week if its left out in the barrens to rot.
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  3. How long do dead boddies stay where they are?

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