Your Mains Changed Over The Years?

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User Info: Hexrapper

4 years ago#21
I've only been playing for two years, but no, I have always mained a hunter.

User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#22
Feral (now Guardian) druid since I started playing in BC.

User Info: ArcticLich

4 years ago#23
Vanilla - Orc Arms Warrior
Burning Crusade - Orc Arms Warrior
Wrath - Orc Fury Warrior (Dat Titan's Grip)
Cataclysm - Goblin Arms/Prot Warrior (Dat Race Change)
MoP - Goblin Arms/Prot Warrior

Warrior for life.

User Info: Joe_Freestyle

4 years ago#24
Old wow - male gnome mage(frost mainly and fire when needed ) (got banned)

TBC - female gnome w/ pink pigtails mage (almost all fire then arcane when I git bored in full t6 doing Kara)

WotLK - female gnome w/ pink pigtails mage (mix of FFB fire and arcane)

Cata - female gnome w/ pink pigtails mage (mostly fire with some frost)

MoP - female gnome w/ pink pigtails mage (frost is to op not to play it)

Main alts warrior, pally (sucked tanking in TBC but gogo sp swords) and druid tanks
~Feed me rappers or feed me beats. I am untamed I need a leash.
~ Xbox/PSN gamertag is Jilo863

User Info: chicostick

4 years ago#25
I've only gone Paladin (DPS/Tank) then Druid (healing) then back to Paladin (Healing).

I will do DK tanking some time later for my main. I'm parking my Paladin(s).


BC - Paladin
Wrath - Druid (short time only) then back to Paladin Tank
Cata - Paladin Healing

User Info: GENEC1DE

4 years ago#26
I started playing just before LK came out.

LK - Ret Pally
Cata - Fire Mage
MOP - Coming back to WoW today. Will probably level a monk, maybe stick with my mage. Undecided

User Info: mr kickass

mr kickass
4 years ago#27
Vanilla - Undead arms warrior

TBC - Undead arms warrior

WotLK - Orc frost DK

Cata - race changed the undead warrior to BE and then I got bored and quit the game. Few months later I read about panda land and lol'd at Blizzard.
Forgive me Vixy, I was young.. In love.. and had a spare bomb!

User Info: WetWoodForest

4 years ago#28
WotLK - Holy Paladin/Rogue/Warrior
Cata - Warrior
Mists (When I get it) - Warrior

Made my Dwarf warrior at the end of WotLK, loved it ever since.
All hail Rapidoxide

User Info: Krozard

4 years ago#29
Vanilla - Didn't have one, just 5 alts

BC - Started to main my hunter a little, but still mostly just alts

Wrath - Resto druid, then Shadow Priest

Cata - Hunter

MoP - DK currently.
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User Info: PlayerFiftyOne

4 years ago#30
Vanilla: N/A
BC: Protection Paladin
WotLK: Holy Paladin (First Half) Protection Paladin (Second Half)
Cata: N/A
MoP: Protection Paladin
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