Your Mains Changed Over The Years?

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User Info: USACrippler

5 years ago#31
Vanilla, Started as a paladin, switched to a prot warrior, then to a mage, then to a hunter.

BC, mained my hunter from vanilla

Wrath, started a new holy priest that was my main throughout

Cata, started a new main prot pally at start, left, came back started a new arms warrior as a main

Mists, still maining arms warrior
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User Info: schmarkenheimer

5 years ago#32
TBC - Warr (had 'lock, Sham and Rogue max)
Wotlk - Mained 'lock until Uld then went back to Warr (twinked Sham and Rogue at 70, DK and 'lock were alts)

Cata - didn't play.
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User Info: ClappyTheClown_

5 years ago#33
I don't really have main, just lots of alts. In BC my main was a druid, then I switched servers in Wrath and mained a DK, then Cata came out and I went to warlock, then I switched servers again and mained a rogue, then I wanted a shaman so I did that for a while, then a priest, and now I'm doing a Panda mage. I'm also in the process of leveling another druid, a paladin, another DK, and a warrior. After I finish leveling my mage, I will start a hunter and a monk.

Currently, there are no alliance races I feel are worthy enough for me to start a new warlock.

User Info: EDarien

5 years ago#34
I started in BC, but didn't hit level cap until some time in Wrath. Since I was never much of a raider, I couldn't say which "tier" it was when I did hit cap. I just remember running some VoAs with guildies and there only being the big stone boss. If that helps.

BC : BElf Warlock. Changed to Human Rogue because GF wanted to play Alliance. Continued to play my Warlock on my own, though.

Wrath : Same BElf Warlock. Actually a buddy of mine started and we got my GF to play Horde, so I went Paladin to help them catch up in level, then back to said Warlock.

Cata : Undead Warlock I made on a new server. Until I decided to tank, then switched to BElf Prot Paladin, then to Blood DK. Then leveled to cap a Worgen Bear, where I switched my Warlock to a dwarf. So in the end it became a Dwarf Warlock and a NElf Blood DK.

MoP : I haven't bought MoP, yet. So I can't level my Warlock, who is going to be my main when I can hit cap. But, until then, I'm leveling a Panda Prot Warrior and Worgen Hunter. Both fun, I'd say Warrior is my "main" but only until I get MoP to go past 85 on my Warlock again. I'll also dabble in Monk Tanking just to see how it is.

I'll likely always be leveling something, but Warlock is always my go-to main. The day we get a Tanking spec (Probably never, but it's nice to dream) is the day I really never have to play other classes at cap and can just level something for a change of pace, but really focus on my Warlock as both DPS gear/gems AND tanking gear/gems which would be really fun since I've never mained a dual-class like that and I'd like to, but when I want to DPS, I just play my Warlock so it won't be any of the other tanks I've listed. Just don't like their DPS specs and I never have.

User Info: Forte612

5 years ago#35
Always a paladin. Been my main since 2004, doubt it changes now. <3

User Info: eternalshades

5 years ago#36
Vanilla - Alliance Hunter/druid

BC - Horde Mage

Wrath - No "main" as i didn't raid, mostly just raised a bunch of alts to max level.

Cata - alliance DK

Mist - alliance DK

It took me a while to get used to the way DKs play, but now I vastly prefer it over other classes.

User Info: MagiciteKefka

5 years ago#37
BC: Elemental Shaman, Draenei
First half of WotLK: Same as above.

Second half of WotLK: Combat Rogue, Human.
First half of Cata: Same as above.

Second half of Cata: Fire Mage, Worgen.
MoP: Same as above.

I'm intending to main this mage for as long as I can, but I'll probably race change it to a Draenei, I'm not to fond of Worgens.

User Info: SirHakado

5 years ago#38
Didnt really start till Wrath...
Start Ed as a Hunter main but switched to Pally during TotC.
Been a Protpally main since then :)
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User Info: TheMetalLivesOn

5 years ago#39
BC-Sub Rogue
Wotlk- Prot Pally
Cata- Combat Rogue
Mists- Not currently playing

User Info: naruto123123

5 years ago#40
Back in Vanilla, BC and WotLK I had a prot warrior. I took a long break and came back to Cata leveling a druid. With the new expansion now I switched to a BM Monk.
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