Galleon's spawn time

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User Info: Viper114

5 years ago#1
So has anyone estimated his spawn time properly yet? Because I'm getting wildly conflicting reports about him.

He was killed on my realm on Wednesday at 3:30PM-ish, so it was when I was busy at work. Now, I remember reading from Ghostcrawler that he has a respawn of "several days", so if that's true then he should be up again sometime this weekend.

But it's hard to determine who's right and who's trolling, because I've seen people say he's been killed twice in a day to only once a week. So what do you guys think?
"We are all legends...our only choice is how to end the tale."

User Info: icebergey

5 years ago#2
I think they borrowed EQs old spawn timer calculator.

72 hours +/- 10
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