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do people hate shado-pan manastery or does my character just smell bad?

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  3. do people hate shado-pan manastery or does my character just smell bad?

User Info: Nade Duck

Nade Duck
5 years ago#1
queue'd into a new instance and everyone left almost immediately. they were all from different servers.

ow, my pride. :(
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
5 years ago#2
it's the stonecore of MoP. It's actually my favorite instance since it's probably the only heroic this expansion you couldn't do while sleep walking/playing

User Info: OmniNakago

5 years ago#3
It's too long compared to the rest of the heroics without more bosses to compensate. I like it, though.
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User Info: Elaeus

5 years ago#4
I love Shado-Pan Monastery. People gets turned off by the mechanics which requires you to have over 100 IQ to surpass, but sadly that is not the case for about 80% of WoW player from my experience.

Stacking for healing debuff, getting out of tornado kick and fire fists, and dpsing orbs rather than the boss seem hard to people. This is pretty much 3/4 of the bosses in a nutshell and the healing debuff thing is not even that much of an issue. Not to mention it is hard for pugs to interrupt regenerating sha spawns and to handle the trash before the final boss properly.

Seriously again: I love the place but there is a chance I would leave if I got it in a pug. For the most part i end up capping valor with daily quests anyway for that to matter.
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User Info: vincentvalentine

5 years ago#5
for me, I hated Shado because there really wasnt alot of gear to drop from there for a lock. or what there was only dropped after i get my better equipment
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User Info: Nade Duck

Nade Duck
5 years ago#6
i dunno if i'd call it the stonecore, seeing as i don't hate it. i guess that all makes sense though. oh well, at least i know my character's odor is tolerable.
PotD's New Official Most Handsome Black Guy

User Info: DiablosGhidorah

5 years ago#7
It is in no way the Stonecore of this expansion, not even close. Its just long, has lots of trash and the last boss isn't hard, just obnoxious. I usually leave when I get it too for those reasons.
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User Info: Raiziell

5 years ago#8
I like to think of it as Grim Batol. Draggingly long, boring, easy with semi-intelligence, and un-eventful.

also inb4 "that's what she said" and "OP can't say inb4"

User Info: mistrfantasy

5 years ago#9
-.- wow people actually think Shado-Pan is hard.

The REAL reason why people just ditch shado-pan is b/c the FIRST boss drops an AWESOME neck and waist for tanks(the neck is hit yes, but tanks these days need more hit + haste then dodge + parry). So what happens is, after the first boss dies, since the rest of the instance doesn't have anything really worthwhile, they just leave.

User Info: lunchbox2042

5 years ago#10
I just hate the trash on the way to the last 2 bosses.
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  3. do people hate shado-pan manastery or does my character just smell bad?

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