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what's it like to play a survival hunter?

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User Info: acdimps

5 years ago#1
has survival ever been a viable pve spec?

User Info: MegaSlush

5 years ago#2
Wasn't it the best PvE spec in 4.3? <.<
I know some friends who still play Survival now. If I actually cared about my hunter (I would if I didn't have too many mains already) I'd probably play Survival too.
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User Info: master_theif

5 years ago#3
Was super fun throughout Cata.

User Info: Morgasaurus

5 years ago#4
When BM got supernerfed in Wrath I changed to dual spec Mark/Survival and never looked back. Survival is amazing even for leveling.

Honestly as a hunter you are pretty much the most OP leveling class anyway so it doesn't matter how you spec too much.
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User Info: NeoClassicalAtl

5 years ago#5
It's great. I just switched back to surv after leveling to 90 as BM. BM is great for soloing those pesky rare spawns, but seemed to be lacking in dungeons. Survival is as nice as it was during the end of Cata (which I used for raiding.) It is a bit faster paced with a few more abilities, but I still prefer Surv to BM in pve.
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User Info: mr_manly_chick

5 years ago#6
BM and SV are neck and neck, with MM being in the bottom three specs of all classes.
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