Curious about returning...Question about PvP.

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User Info: Reckless

5 years ago#1
The one thing that annoyed me about PvP, mainly BGs or 2v2/3v3, was that Healing classes really dominated and made a majority of matches stalemates, e.g I hit for 10k, but they can use their smallest heal to heal for 12k. And things like Mortal Strike or Wound Poison were nerfed to the point where it was a pointless debuff. (Think it was like 5% Healing reduction)

Has this changed in MoP? Is PvP more balanced in the aspect of Heal spams?

Cheers for any input.
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User Info: beatlessbobby

5 years ago#2
heals are still amazing but there are so many stuns in this game that a minor amount off CC coordination will defeat them.
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User Info: Coop14

5 years ago#3
Unless you get 5+ people. You will not be able to kill a Disc Priest, or a Mistweaver.

All the other healer classes are pretty easy to take out.
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User Info: ChocoboMog123

5 years ago#4
I had no problem with healers in Wrath.
I had no problem with healers in Cata.
I have no problems with healers in MoP.

Line up CC, use CD's, don't play like an idiot.

Meanwhile, 200k damage in a global is far more common than it should be. If anything, every healer should be given a 100k bubble on a 10 second CD just to balance the game against BM and Arms (other specs have stupid burst, too, like Destro and Ele, but those have mechanics that hold back that burst).

If you're playing Healer/DPS in 2's, you deserve all the grief that you have coming. If you're having problems with healers in 3's, you need to l2play.
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