Paladin vs Warrior - Tanking 5 mans

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User Info: fay420

5 years ago#1
Which is the better tank, as far as difficulty goes?

User Info: Liquid Bike

Liquid Bike
5 years ago#2
After 5.0 I'd say they are about equal from a threat/survivability point of view.

Paladin got a little more complicated and warrior is a bit easier.

Right now Warrior tanks do better dps but that could change. Basically play whichever you enjoy more there is no wrong choice in this case.

User Info: Sativa_Rose

5 years ago#3
Speaking as a prot warrior, tanking has been simplified a bit.

They basically removed sunder armor and rend so that all you do now is devastate, thunderclap, and revenge.

User Info: Patrick52Willis

5 years ago#4
Prot paladins are amazing and easy since everything changed.

You just need to remember to actually have your hit/exp capped now and that Seal of Insight is the go to seal after you have threat.
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User Info: SemperFiAngel

5 years ago#5
Paladins. No questions asked.

You don't even need a healer.


No but seriously even without an insane amount of vengeance, you can heal yourself and your 5 man groups no problem. Talents: Sanctified Wrath and Execution Stance. Glyphs: Glyph of the Battle Healer, Alabastor Shield, and any other. Just get 7.5 percent hit/exp(2550 rating) and reforge into haste>=mastery and you are good to go.
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