does the authenticator ever run out of batteries?

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  3. does the authenticator ever run out of batteries?

User Info: Retro_Cuddles

5 years ago#1
as i see there is no option to refill if they run out.
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User Info: thetraveler

5 years ago#2

User Info: Right_Chus_1

5 years ago#3
I read somewhere that the battery has like 7 years of use. Not sure exactly how accurate that would be though.

User Info: noitcefni

5 years ago#4
it's linked to your heart.
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User Info: xHughJasx

5 years ago#5
It has a battery life of roughly 7 years. However it will prob last anywhere from 10 to 15
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User Info: Elaeus

5 years ago#6
Yep when it dies you are screwed up sorry bro.

In any case those batteries usually are easily replaceable, I think they are the same ones as the save file batteries in the Game Boy cartridges. They tell you that you need to send it over to them to replace it and I answer "**** you no, Grandfather Martin the clocks repairman replaced mine all the time.". The battery itself is hilariously cheap for the effort and cost to sending it over to them.
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User Info: jackalx747

5 years ago#7
when it dies you just tell blizz, they cut the one you have and send you a new one I believe
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  3. does the authenticator ever run out of batteries?

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