So does the brawlers guild actually have any worthwhile rewards?

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User Info: Tloya

4 years ago#31
From: Genocet_10-325 | #028
I miss the vanilla system of being able to kill as many mobs as you damn well pleased without a limit. I grinded black prince to honored with 2 hours of mote farming, but I wish I could do this with all the reps. Even if mobs gave 2 rep each, I just hate being limited for the day.

See, it's this logical disjunction that confuses me.

"I don't like dailies because I don't like having to do monotonous grinding of the same thing over and over"


"I don't like dailies because they gate content and limit how fast I can max my reputations"

They got rid of the Vanilla system because if they kept it, it would have to be balanced such that either it takes a significant amount of time for a dedicated grinder to do it (making it an unattainable goal for most players and thus a waste of developer time), or it can be completed within a reasonable span by someone who puts a modest amount of time in each day (making it something all the hardcore raiders have less than a week after it's released and causing them to cry for more content). Daily quests are a happy medium that require dedication and effort while also not obligating anyone who wants to do endgame to spend half the day grinding stuff.

I should add that if you really, really want to max your reps ASAP, Golden Lotus, Klaxxi and Cloud Serpents all have means of gaining rep beyond the daily limit.

But really, none of this matters because Brawler's Guild is not the same type of faction as the 5.0 VP factions

1. There is no raid-quality loot obligating players to do it. The only rewards are an heirloom and prestige or vanity items. If you aren't interested in it, you can continue to perform at max efficiency in other content without it.

2. The quests are designed around challenging Solo PvE. It isn't like Golden Lotus where the dailies involve killing X monsters again and again. Think Shartuul's transporter back in BC, or the non-raid parts of the legendary quest chains for Tarecgosa and Fangs of the Father. If you hate dailies because they are repetitive and boring, but like raiding in spite of it being the same bosses every week for 2-6 months, then you will probably like Brawler's Guild fights.

3. Most people won't do it. Everyone was flying around on Cloud Serpents two weeks after MoP hit. Even though it doesn't give VP gear, the faction doesn't take too long, the dailies aren't hard (although the honey one can be a ***** if you're a cloth class), and there's a guy pointing every level 90 directly to the hub. The Brawler's Guild will only be accessible via invitation, and the intiial invitations come through Black Market Auction House, meaning they won't be cheap. Your average casual probably won't see one during this expansion. That means there's even less pressure to do it, and that if you do choose to do it, and you do it well, you'll be considered pretty damn cool.
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  3. So does the brawlers guild actually have any worthwhile rewards?

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