Is Mists Of Pandaria the best expansion ever?

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User Info: juzzieb

5 years ago#1
Is Mists Of Pandaria the best expansion ever? - Results (324 votes)
Yes. Every other WoW expansion is inferior.
40.74% (132 votes)
No. There are better WoW expansions.
59.26% (192 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I know most people thought it was the best expansion ever made at launch. The genius inside of me told you guys to wait and see just like D3 but no one listened. Now by the end of this thread I guarantee I will have proven I am much more a genius than anyone on this board.

User Info: Fowhawk

5 years ago#2
LK is still hold a spot as the best expac for me because I started there and ended there. (Went on hiatus for Cata)

But I am back for MoP and I love it. There should be another "Close but no Cigar" option.

User Info: Conker

5 years ago#3
I thought everyone considered BC to be the best...surprising. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that personally, as I played Vanilla, made it a few levels into BC before I quit WoW til LK. Just from my experience I felt like everyone always held BC the highest and still would.
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User Info: HellsController

5 years ago#4
BC and Wrath. I might just be burnt out, but now that the "honeymoon phase" is done I have to kinda force myself to play. Maybe that will change when I get 90 on my lock. Just 1.5 more levels.
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

5 years ago#5
Its not a bad expansion but its not the best imo
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User Info: Azardea

5 years ago#6
I... Actually liked Cata more. :/
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User Info: vahndragonwing

5 years ago#7
Azardea posted...
I... Actually liked Cata more. :/

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User Info: jowephocks

5 years ago#8
As much as I didn't like the direction WoW headed, Wrath had the happiest medium between the pure awesome TBC was (if you had the time to commit) to the bewilderment that is MoP.

I enjoyed all expansions and MoP is certainly a step up from Cata as far as raiding goes, but the daily gating..? Even then I'm Down to just shado pan and august not exalted I did myself wondering if there is any MoP content I can submerse myself in without leveling alts. Maybe get one of each type of pet to 25...

User Info: TheEvilMushroom

5 years ago#9
Azardea posted...
I... Actually liked Cata more. :/

This. Cata was fun.
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User Info: Aposter26

5 years ago#10
I hated Cata from the start. Especially in the weeks before its release, when I'd be leveling my alt and when i would go into a big city I wouldn't be able to do anything, because half the time the city was under siege by those damn elementals and everything would shut down until the high level people killed them off. That was so annoying and basically set up for me what was to be the start of just a lame expansion. Sorry had to rant.
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