What is your rarest companion pet

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User Info: Kikoman589

5 years ago#51
Moonkin Hatchling at 6.8%.
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User Info: Sellus Gravius

Sellus Gravius
5 years ago#52
Cenarion Hatchling, 6.4%.

Feels bad man.

User Info: Psoloquoise

5 years ago#53
Crawling claw 3.7%, it's the best when you get 2 people with it out near each other.

User Info: Ashrahn

5 years ago#54
I just got the Snowy Owl in Winterpspring.

User Info: Reih

5 years ago#55
Mechanical Chicken at 16.1% followed by Magic Crawdad at 16.9%.

I've never heard of so many of these pets and I don't want to click on them because I'm sure I will cry when I see how they're obtained (at least the ones that still can be).
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User Info: IronTalon

5 years ago#56
0.3% Eye of the Legion
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User Info: That_70s_show

5 years ago#57
Disgusting Oozeling (Well, I don't have one. I've farmed like 4 of them though).

User Info: Rama_III

5 years ago#58
Shore Crawler 4.6%

The Garden Of Rama
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User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
5 years ago#59
Legs 10%
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User Info: CGoblins

5 years ago#60
I'd have to say Mr Grubbs is my rarest one... not that he's very rare.
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