What is your rarest companion pet

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User Info: SuddenlyNinjas

4 years ago#81
Lightning Bolt posted...
Hyacinth Macaw 7.2%

I was rather surprised the Darkmoon ones are listed as being so rare, considering how easy they are to get.

This. The whole thing has to be skewed or have a stupidly small sample size. There's no way that 1/12 people have a hyacinth macaw, they just plain don't drop enough for that to be true. I think I've met maybe 3 other people with one.
Thousands of them...

User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#82
scarecrows posted...
Inafking posted...
Anyone else see this?

Core Hound Pup 51.9%

½ of WoW is playing without authenticators.

Why would I need one? Half the population bought something to protect themselves from clicking on stupid emails and going to gold buying websites. I've been playing for years and never been hacked.

I never clicked any email links or bought gold, and I was compromised in the Wrath days. Just sayin'.

User Info: inferiorweasel

4 years ago#83
Spectral Tiger Cub 0.2%


Just so you know I'm not lying.
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User Info: eagletalon22

4 years ago#84
Jade Tentacle at 0.3
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User Info: Leo0820

4 years ago#85
Looks like the ground here has been trodden already... Editing it out.

Anyway, Jade Crane Chick, apparently, at 12.5%
Leo's AMP has increased by 1.

User Info: RaptorLC

4 years ago#86
Grinder and the Aqua Strider apparently. I'm only 30 or so away from getting Venus though.
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User Info: Nade Duck

Nade Duck
4 years ago#87
eye of the legion at 0.3%

for non card-game stuff it's the aqua strider and grinder at 1.5%.
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User Info: Lady_Tygry

4 years ago#88
Netherwhelp 2.7%
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