Do you like Cross Realm Zones?

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User Info: oblivionscythe

4 years ago#31
Horribly implemented. Almost completely ruined the leveling experience for myself and a lot of people I spoke too. It killed the economy on a lot of servers as well.

All in all, bad idea was implemented badly.
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User Info: Morgasaurus

4 years ago#32
I don't actually get this.

My best friend apped up to the guild as a rogue. He had run dungeons with plenty of the other guildies before on his mage and rogue so he got lots of recommendations. However, his application to the guild vanished off of the website. I talked to officers and other guildies and nobody knew what the hell happened. Anyway I couldn't convince them to let him join and he didn't want to do the application mess again. I learned later that one of the rogues in the guild was the webmaster. That means he had the power to delete applications from the website. Also that particular rogue was... not the nicest person. In vent convos he had complained about loot quite a few times. Hence I concluded that he deleted my friend's application. Rather than start guild drama by accusing someone of something I wasn't completely sure of, I just decided to quit the game because I had some RL stuff going on too anyway.

It turns out the guild fell apart like a month or two after I left. Go figure. But before that we were holding our own progression wise on Zul'Jin horde in early classic (pre-BWL). I think we were in second place at the time. I was in Dark Alliance and Transcendence was like a couple bosses ahead. I think maybe they got rag first.
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