Advice for balance druids?

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User Info: ljgf

5 years ago#1
I leveled my druid to 90 as feral/restoration, but I've gotten pretty bored with both specs so I decided to switch to guardian/balance. Bear form tanking seems very straightforward and I've had no problem with that, but I'm having some more trouble as a moonkin. I read the basic rotation sections of the guide on icy veins, and that's helped some. Does anyone have some more advice on how I should be doing stuff? I've never done this spec till now, so I don't really have a good handle on all my spells and passive abilities.

User Info: Disturbed_9090

5 years ago#2
i wouldnt mind hearing some tips myself..
i have decent gear, ilvl 476 but lack in the dps i should be doing.. (should be doing about 50k dps with my gear, finding it hard to maintain around 40k)

i dont think my rotation is the issue so would like to hear other peoples advice also

User Info: MrBigJohnson

5 years ago#3
reroll back to feral. Boomkin is awful. It's clunky, and doesn't have the levels of crit or haste to be useful this patch.
Even addiction has diminishing returns.

User Info: Disturbed_9090

5 years ago#4
i've seen plenty of boomkins top dps in alot of raids so rerolling back to feral, whilst an option, isn't necessary.

User Info: Marndos

5 years ago#5
Disturbed_9090 posted...
i've seen plenty of boomkins top dps in alot of raids

Please change your vector and move to a different coordinate because this quadrant is off limits.

User Info: Sanosuke92

5 years ago#6
I am doing resto/balance (Healer in pvp/dungeons and balance in solo leveling). I recommend this one addon Boomkinator. It really helps with cool downs and rotation

Though I do agree the class feels clunky. Imo its a odd mix of every caster class.

User Info: BobTDonut

5 years ago#7
Here is what you do as a Boomkin.

1. You re-roll either Feral or Resto. Maybe Guardian but they are kind of crappy too right now (kind of for the same reasons that Boomkin are).

2. You become a world top 20 player who can excel in multi-DoT fights and be sat for every single other fight.
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