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After a party you wake up to find someone on your bedside...

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  3. After a party you wake up to find someone on your bedside...

User Info: Uhh

4 years ago#31 result: Cairne

So someone put his dead body in there as a joke, prank, or threat?

User Info: MercenaryGrax

4 years ago#32

Okay, I'm happy. Sylvannus Windrunner is hot. xD

User Info: Storm_Walker

4 years ago#33
33 Some random Taunka

Somebody was horny last night. LOL!
"I'm feelin' peachy keen, so f%@& you, and thanks for asking ^/.^"

User Info: magnusmagnetic

4 years ago#34
Spun the bottle and it broke...

I guess I misjudged my own strength...

Guess I woke up alone...

Plus side, no Herpies...or other unpleasantness happened to me last night.

User Info: oblivionscythe

4 years ago#35

I'm extremely content with a female night elf.
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User Info: Coop14

4 years ago#36
Heck yeah! Made it on popular Topics wooooooot! ^.^

Who wants a drink? Im sure Wyrm or Vahn knows how to make a good one xD all I know how to do is b52s xP
On the WoW board today, Coop14 becomes the most desired male on the board in the span of a single day. -

User Info: frozen_flames

4 years ago#37
40 Kalecgos

Damn, was hoping for Illidan, or yogg, but at least he's smexy
Can you hear the drums?

User Info: Jiruru

4 years ago#38
I'm happy my discussion of tentacle sex managed to help get this onto the popular topics list.
"It felt like the music was aimed right at me... like a missile!"

User Info: redskinStu

4 years ago#39
Kurt Cobain found Courtney Love, and look what happened to him.

User Info: clumseygenius

4 years ago#40
Your typical Female Blood elf dressed in hooker attire

when all is said and done, more is said than done.
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  3. After a party you wake up to find someone on your bedside...

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