So how is the game since Mists dropped?

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User Info: GeminiX7

5 years ago#1
I stopped playing around last May (been playing since Vanilla's release with month/year long breaks in between), and didn't pick the game back up because it looked like alot of aspects of the game were changing drastically/getting dumbed down. Hows the game going now? Changed for the better? Largely the same? "Terrible"?
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User Info: Hak

5 years ago#2
But the horse wasn't entitled. It was just a horse. It's not like it believed it deserved to be made a senator, or ragequit and refused to carry Cal if he hadn't done so.
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User Info: redundancies

5 years ago#3
Better, in my estimation.

Questing is a blast and very humorous in the appropriate zones. The dungeons and raids have interesting mechanics and are appropriately difficult. Scenarios (basically queued, instanced group quests) are pretty fun and offer solid rewards. Pet battles are entertaining but I haven't done much of them yet.

You mentioned hearing about things "dumbed down", but I think that was just immediate reactions by people who didn't understand what was being done. As an example, talents: No longer do you have the cookie cutter a/b/c values, now you have six tiers of choices that are generally meaningful and might be changed up depending on encounter or playstyle.

One thing I'll warn you is, if you don't like daily quests but want to push progression, you'll get frustrated. Top-end crafting recipes and valor point gear are gated behind reps you can only increase with dailies.

User Info: DormantStRiKeR

5 years ago#4
I haven't done any raids yet besides LFR but if you don't like doing endless amounts of dailies i wouldn't come back
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User Info: Tloya

5 years ago#5
The combat mechanics are largely the same in spite of the talent system "dumb down." Many specs have different rotations but they aren't any easier or harder than in Cata.

People are largely satisfied with the new tier of raids, excluding those whining about LFR. PvP has some balance issues but that is nothing new. Warrior and BM hunter are the FotM right now if you were wondering.

The biggest change to the game dynamic and what has definitely garnered the most ire from the "hardcore" community is the change to reputations, dailies and valor gear. VP is currently used on items purchaseable from MoP reputation quartermasters at honored and revered. There are no more dungeon tabards, you gain reputation through dailies alone. It takes a couple of weeks of dailies to unlock every piece of VP gear, though it will take many more to actually afford it all.

User Info: Wyrmwarrior5

5 years ago#6
DormantStRiKeR posted...
I haven't done any raids yet besides LFR but if you don't like doing endless amounts of dailies i wouldn't come back

If he doesn't like dailies he could just, you know, not do them. SHOCKING, I KNOW. I've only been doing dailies when I feel up for them, and it has been a non-issue for me. The rewards are nice, yes, but are not a requirement, as you get better loot from raids anyway, plus VP can be spent next patch on upgrading items. = best website ever.

User Info: angrywalrus13

5 years ago#7
DormantStRiKeR posted...
I haven't done any raids yet besides LFR but if you don't like doing endless amounts of dailies i wouldn't come back

You could also not do them. Crazy, I know, but you don't need to do dailies if you aren't pushing for progression.

Anyway, the game feels a lot more whole, in a way. You actually have a lot of things to do at 90 compared to Cata, and the world just feels awesome and alive.
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User Info: Pirwzwhomper

5 years ago#8
It feels like a giant facebook game now. They're popular, sure, but not my cup of tea.
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User Info: failure_turtle

5 years ago#9
In a word:
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User Info: Musicazzz

5 years ago#10
More interesting and excitement. I personally dont really enjoy cataclysm quest and areas, its too firey and dark. Mists create a new vast green land, trees, it refreshes my eyes.
Sometimes it is raining in the forest too, and i just sit there to listen to the rain.

You might heard that some people said its "tone down" or "easier" well, its their opinion. If it is easier, can he obtain everything yet?
and i dont think its easier, the mob and boss mechanics are improvised difficulties.

Regarding talents, i do enjoy the current talent. I dont have complain about it because I believe WoW has their own reason to change to current talent.

So to sum up, the people who whine about the talents and so far, are because they dont like changes. They like stagnant games, dont really take their self centered opinion to heart.
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