Can't Start Dread Wastes Quests

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User Info: dtrez105

4 years ago#11
Major Gamer posted...
Shrine in the Vale most likely.

This is correct, there is a breadcrumb quest to Dread Wastes located in Vale at Shrine of the Seven Stars. It also gives you the flightpath to the spot on Serpent's Spine some other posters have mentioned.

User Info: Tianis

4 years ago#12
actually the breadcrumb quest came from kun-lai summit. Shes standing on the wall in the NE section of the dread wastes raining arrows down on the spiders that are climbing the wall. You dont need the breadcrumb quest, just find the female panda. ONe of the shado-pan in a kun-lai quest told you to take a kite up to her..but you can just fly up if you are already 90.
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