Rarest item in the game?

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User Info: Bortacus

4 years ago#31
webbc99 posted...
My Warlock still has a Greater Spellstone in her inventory. I bet there aren't too many of them left.

I still have the Spellstone AND the Firestone

User Info: Krozard

4 years ago#32
While not THE rarest, this is pretty rare from what I've seen.

This is the old version, it's not BoP, meaning it can be sold and learned by non-rogues, it's no longer obtainable.

Not to be confused with the new version: http://www.wowhead.com/item=18160 which is BoP, meaning only learnable by rogues.
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User Info: Utinil

4 years ago#34
Moses_Inc posted...
Utinil posted...
While true those 2 are the rarest, they almost don't count imo because they always were impossible for anyone else to obtain.

"These items are rare, but because they are so rare they don't count."

If you want the rarest item a person can still obtain, then all the crap you just listed wouldn't count either.

There is a huge difference between the items I listed and those 2. Those items were NEVER obtainable by anyone else. The mount was given by a GM on accident (similar to how someone got the Martin Fury shirt). The neck item was never intended to drop, but actually did once and was immediately removed from the loot tables. The items I listed people actually had a chance to get. If you can't see a difference between never obtainable and no longer obtainable then I feel sorry for you.

User Info: kuroi

4 years ago#35
I have 3 Teebu's Blazing Longswords but no desire to sell them. I've been sitting on them since late Vanilla/middle of BC.

I doubt I could get 100k for them as someone said earlier, but anything is possible I guess. Maybe if they didn't show enchant auras. I was thinking about using one in combination with a Skullflame Shield on my Holy Pally, but I just don't know...
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