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User Info: Magicbreak27

5 years ago#1
*I fully understand that the WoW franchise is far from abandonment as it remains a strong competitor in the MMO world. However, the subscriber count has taken a noticeable downward shift in MOP which is what I want to get into.*

Before I get really into it, and this thread breaks off into an heated off-topic argument im gonna make note of a couple things I noticed the last 7 years playing wow.

1) New MMo's Rise and fall (AOC, RIFT, SWTOR, RIFT, Tera, GW2, Warhammer etc.. the list goes on)

2) WoW Implementing slight variants of successful features of each game into its own system. (Transmog, Void Storage, Rated BG System, Innovative Story Cinematics, the list goes on)
***No surprise here, all great businesses do this. Its actually a good thing*** And take note that the time of blizzards implementation of all those features happen to be near or very close to the launch of new MMOS and/or their expansions. (to null the competition)

And now we have crossrealms, a feature that blizzard has vocally been against for the last 4 years and all throughout the majority Cataclysm..... They've only JUST gotten a sudden change of heart in MOP. Anyone else think the subscriber count has anything to do with it? Usually there are only major content releases that have a heavy impact on the games mechanics (non progression related) when other MMO franchises pose a reasonable threat to take subscribers.

But Xrealms, to me, seemed to completely come out of nowhere. A system that appeals most to players on LOW population servers - The demographic where blizzard took the biggest hit (IE lost most its players) Under this pretense, it seems at least to me, that blizzard is throwing in some last ditch effort to reclaim some of those lost subscribers, and make sure low pop servers are better off in the long run. Which is good, it shows they care about their game and its players. But, if your an update analyst like me then you can see why such a major change would seem a little drastic and well... a little desperate? What do you think?

- Im open for discussion. Cheers!

User Info: angrywalrus13

5 years ago#2
"A little desperate," indeed.
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User Info: Highlander77

5 years ago#3
It's not so great for players on low population servers when you want to go skill up a new profession that requires mining/herbalism/skinning, and can't because now there are tons of players from other servers all competing for the same resources. Just saying...
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User Info: vahndragonwing

5 years ago#4
angrywalrus13 posted...
"A little desperate," indeed.

He needs better pants to cover up his tryboner, any suggestions?
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User Info: Sativa_Rose

5 years ago#5
Why don't they just merge servers already?
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User Info: Kokeii

5 years ago#6
That might have been their reasoning, but the implementation of CRZ has been terrible for just about anyone except for gankers who now have more targets. It's made it so that now all realms have to suffer the problems of a high pop realm with none of the benefits. For every ONE benefit of this, there are like TEN downsides. It really has to be one of the worst ideas Blizzard has had, IMO.

User Info: ToadstoolPeach

5 years ago#7
I really wish they would just do away with CRZ. Allowing cross-realm instances and raids is fine with me via battletags and realid but lately gathering materials and even just leveling alts has been hindered by people from other realms. There hardly are any group quests anyway and wasn't that what scenarios were for?

User Info: angrywalrus13

5 years ago#8
vahndragonwing posted...
angrywalrus13 posted...
"A little desperate," indeed.

He needs better pants to cover up his tryboner, any suggestions?

I don't know if its so much of that as... I dunno. You'd think a banning would be enough to say "don't advertise that site here."
like tommicks
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User Info: Lighosa

5 years ago#10
You listed Rift twice and it's doing pretty well. It's a fun game and it's numbers are steady. GW2 also didn't fail, it has a lot of players and those numbers will steadily go up over time. And AoC never rose, that one was dead on arrival.
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