is world of warcraft the best game ever created?

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User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#31
TheSteelPhoenix posted...
zelda? like just all the games? or you just being a tool?

I'd say the best games ever made were:

Link to the Past
Megaman X
Mass Effect

BOOM roasted

Yeah, he's totally being a crescent wrench bro!!
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User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#32
It's the best MMO ever created, no contest. Say what you will about it and while other games may have 1 or 2 better features, no mmo before or since WoW has the amount, the level or the polish of WoW's content. That's not opinion, that's fact.

Everyone says, "Oh their subscriber base is declining" maybe so, but their declined subscriber base is still larger than any other mmo's peak
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User Info: ishingo69

4 years ago#33
Personally, I think the subscriber base is falling simply because of time and choices. The old school players are growing bored of WoW, or are just finding other things they need/want to do besides gaming, so they leave, and new players have more choices than just "Hey, I wanna try an MMO. Let's play WoW!", so the numbers aren't being replenished. It happens, and one day WoW will be gone, but that's no time soon. Oh and Super Metroid, Link to the Past, Castlevania SotN, and Final Fantasy 6 and Tactics. All better than WoW imo, albeit they don't have the variety of activities that WoW does.
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User Info: TedCandyman

4 years ago#34
I won't hate on WoW. It HAS to be that game that has made the most money. I'd be really surprised if it weren't. It's the best MMORPG, for sure. It's a game that you can turn the volume down or mute and just listen to music to or whatever. That's kind of an intangible for me, and a real plus. Also, it's a game that you can get really good at. I played it for years. I felt like I was good at it. It's not a bad game. It's had some major balancing issues, but, I mean, I could cut them a break. They've got a ton of things to balance. The game is huge. In fact, the worst part about WoW is the people who play it. And boy do they butcher it.

But the best game ever created? Not by a long shot.

Xenogears or Suikoden 2 takes that. I used to say Xenogears, but nowadays I have a hard time deciding.
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User Info: inferiorweasel

4 years ago#35
I could pick 1 game and 1 game only to play for the rest of my life, it would probably be a tough call between Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy 6. Wow isn't bad, but I would still take warcraft 3 over this game.
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User Info: Bane766

4 years ago#36
Destiny of an Emperor
Shining Force 2
A Link to the Past
Mass Effect (Just the first one with all the potential of the series awaiting)
Suikoden 2

Those are my faves for various reasons. But I can't pick the 'best'. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

As far as WoW being among, no it's not. It's been a pretty good game throughout the years (and I've been playing since 3 months after launch), but it's had some serious flaws. The thing is, it's a cheap game to play and it provides a ton of entertainment. But quantity doesn't equate to the quality that the above games provided me.
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User Info: 0pt1muzPr1m3

4 years ago#37
my best would be...

Zelda (MM, OoT, Link to the past, Skyward Sword)
Mass Effect
Star Ocean 3
Kingdom Hearts
Assassin's Creed 2
Super Mario bros. 3
Crysis (can you believe this game is 4.5 years old?)
Halo (1,2,3,4)
Fallout 3
Pokemon (all)
Super Smash bros. (mostly melee)
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User Info: StrangerAeons

4 years ago#38
It's the best MMO but far from the best game. I dunno about the objective best game.

While it doesn't really rank in my absolute favorites I guess probably something like Mario 64 just for how revolutionary it was and how playable it still is today.

User Info: Ness0123456789

4 years ago#39
Skies of Arcadia is best game ever.

No, seriously. If you haven't played this gem of an RPG, you are doing yourself a great disservice. I really hope the rumors of an HD re-release on the 360 and PSN are true, more people who missed out on this game during the Dreamcast and Gamecube era need a chance to play it.
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User Info: StrangerAeons

4 years ago#40
I really don't get the widespread love for Skies of Arcadia. I own it on DC and I just think it's pretty good. Thinking it's the best game or even the best RPG or heck, even the best Dreamcast game of all time is weird to me.
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