Why is AB so hard for people to understand?

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User Info: RomeoMinola

4 years ago#11
CGoblins posted...
I've come to the conclusion that thinking too much about BGs and what other players are doing is just too stressful. You are never going to change their behavior.

Also, the problem with strategizing in a BG is that the other team isn't AI. For the most part everyone is there to win and I don't think any player is joining just to lose. Might as well get over thinking that players are sabotaging your BG experience.

There's over-thinking and then there's not thinking at all. I'm sorry but that was probably the dumbest advice I've heard related to BGs since that idiot in AV that was trying to convince raid that trying to form a plan is wrong because no one should be told what to do.

Players in random battlegrounds are largely stupid, yes but I've found that players can and will follow simple instructions if you know how to deliver it. Any one that knows anything will tell you that AB is all about communication. Not working with the team because it's too "stressful" just means you're part of the problem.

Healers have it easy as far as communication is concerned as all we have to do is threaten not to heal anyone fighting on the roads, capping Snowfall, etc. DPSers and tanks could similarly request that the healers not heal anyone doing the same. As I said people do listen if you know how to play on their psychology. Yes will run into some ships of fools that are completely impossible to reason with but more often that not, this is absolutely not the case.

User Info: Akazora

4 years ago#12
Maybe they do know what to do understand, and the boredom of waiting 15 minute with nothing happening at a node or waiting for a long time only to be rewarded with less honor, and being run over by a zerg that you stand no chance with and die 3 seconds calling it isn't that enjoyable.

User Info: piplupzero

4 years ago#13
WordLife19 posted...
Why the hell would you use your fastest player to cap the flag that you're assured to cap? Why not use that player to gain a tactical advantage at one of the contested flags by having them engage the opposing team at a positionally advantageous position for anyone following behind? If I engage the enemy 40 yards past the flag, that's 40 yards that they have to move to be in a position to attack whoever is capping behind me. You attack through the flag and defend on the flag.

*Insert aliens guy* "Pugs"
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User Info: x_stevey_x

4 years ago#14
the reason i don't stay at farm ever is because there is always guaranteed to be 10 alliance with add rushing it from lumber mill right at the start so the best thing to do is cap bs, mine, and then rush for stables. if alliance just attacks every base in groups of 10, then defense is pointless and you can win very easily by simply running away from them and capping all the bases that they're not at
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