World of Warcraft versus League of Legends

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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

5 years ago#1
The Horde and Alliance join forces to fight Noxia and Demacia. Who wins? (Summoners from both city states are there, as well as dalaran mages are with alliance).
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User Info: AIDSbeam

5 years ago#2
LoL more like LOL!
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User Info: OgreBattle019

5 years ago#3
Does it count extraneous League champions?

League would win because Cho'gath's power outside of the Fields of Justice is immeasurable, as is Xerath's once he has recharged from the Nexuses

also Gragas solos
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User Info: Patrick52Willis

5 years ago#4

Fixed for you
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User Info: undead4life321

5 years ago#5
That's not really fair considering nocturne kills people while they dream.

If they were nerfed by the league like they are in the game then WoW.
People on WoW can fall several hundred feet and live, they alone should show you their resilience.
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User Info: B1g_Clown

5 years ago#6
AIDSbeam posted...
LoL more like LOL!
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