Say a phrase that Vanilla players would know.

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The Steel Phantom 4 years ago#21
"Full on rogues"
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User Info: ShaheerRahman

4 years ago#22
LFM assault on Tauren mill
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User Info: Drudax

4 years ago#23
Lets get your AQ spells.
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User Info: MrBigJohnson

4 years ago#24
LF Direbrew Remote, tipping well!
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User Info: Dunatis Ishmael

Dunatis Ishmael
4 years ago#25
From: Nightbird_X | #014
"Wait for three Sunders"
Also: lol@Non-Restoration Paladin/Priest/Druid/Shaman trying to join a group.

Spec and save Innervate so the real healers can do their job.
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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#26
Flat Tusk.
Sons of Arugal.
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User Info: IdTheDemon

4 years ago#27
Wand till 90% - Random Wow screenshots

User Info: seraphimkitten

4 years ago#28
mez the creep.

(It's a lot of fun to break out the Vanilla manual and see the slang terms they were using back then. You have the odd Everquest programmers they stole, so I assume "mez" is an Everquest term for CC. And "creep" meant "mob" in the real Warcraft series.)

User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#29
"LFG for DM west, have key"

Warlock Whisper "I'll go invite"
Warlock Whisper "I'll have sex with you if you invite me"
Warlock Whisper "invite now"
Warlock Whisper "invite invite invite"

"LFG for DM west have key no more warlocks needed"
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User Info: Knave

4 years ago#30
"Wait for three sunders" IMO
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