How long does the dailies took you?

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User Info: shieldzz

5 years ago#1
How long did it take you to complete the mop dailies on 1 char?

Just curious as i am getting started.

User Info: kingdrake2

5 years ago#2
7hrs but that is with constant breaks with 1 dungeon run, scenario.

i only do about 25, takes much less time.
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User Info: keyvenx

5 years ago#3
If you do all, it will take about 2 hours. It's largely staggered as they will open up new dailies and factions as you hit honored/revered.

Some factions are longer than others, like Golden Lotus and Klaxxi, but there's a fair amount of variety so it feels less like grinding. (which it still bloody is)

User Info: Aposter26

5 years ago#4
Too damn long. I usually work on half of them for a couple days, then switch. I just can't do em all at once. Thankfully I hit exalted with Tillers and Cloud Serpent so that's 2 down.

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
5 years ago#5
It's stupid how long Lotus takes considering 2 other are gated behind it. I guess you get plenty of quests a day but that just means more time per day since you have to do a dozen quests for them.
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User Info: keyvenx

5 years ago#6
The entire point is to keep people occupied and in-game. It's better than last time, but it's hard to imagine an MMO without some sort of grinding.

It also allows casuals to catch up to the hardcores who will probably get most of their gear through raiding, until the next patch.

Without dailies to log in to, most casual PvE players will quickly get bored of the game and drift away. It used to be MUCH worse.

User Info: Megawizard

5 years ago#7
Roughly 2 hours if I do them all in a straight run.
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  3. How long does the dailies took you?

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