Do you buy the fastest flying skill For your alts?

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  3. Do you buy the fastest flying skill For your alts?

User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#11
I usually do, just to have it. That being said, I have six characters with 310 flying..that's 40k I could have saved if I didn't play alts.
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User Info: BMac89

4 years ago#12
since i have been making about 2-5k a day since Cata yes, before then no.
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User Info: Aposter26

4 years ago#13
Only on my characters with gathering professions.

User Info: Qax

4 years ago#14
Only for ones with gathering professions. And ones that can go to almost 500% speed.
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User Info: pikpikcarrotmon

4 years ago#15
Epic flying, yes, master flying no. Once I'm sitting on a bigger pile of jewels at the end of the expansion maybe.
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User Info: angrywalrus13

4 years ago#16
The only Master Flying I bought on an alt was for my paladin, just so I could fly as fast as is possible with Crusader Aura.
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User Info: KenZoe

4 years ago#17
I've spent over 100k gold on riding skills over the past eight years - and only two characters have 310% riding speed.
Yes It's a gold sink, but it's worth it.
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User Info: kaitokun

4 years ago#18
I suck at making gold but I always farm up enough to get an alt max flying. For me the difference is noticeable enough to justify the cost. Even if it does keep me in the poor house.
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User Info: noitcefni

4 years ago#19
I have it on 4 of my characters. I've been working on a monk and warrior alt but have not bothered to get anything past Azeroth and cold weather because I've been using lfd.
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User Info: Morgasaurus

4 years ago#20
Master is only worth it for a character that you gather with honestly, so I have it on my main and my druid. I don't get it for anyone else.
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  3. Do you buy the fastest flying skill For your alts?

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