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Li Li. To anyone that's read Pearl of Pandaria..

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User Info: Xiocamie

5 years ago#1
I kinda wish Li Li had a more prominent role past valley of the four winds (unless I missed other appearances) With how much of a badass she is in the comic and in the Quest for Pandaria story (which I've yet to finish fully reading, nor have yet to read her travel journals) it kinda sucks she is just pushed aside and we don't see her anymore. Heck, where even IS she once you're 90? Last I saw of her was in the stormstout brewery (I believe.)

One of the patches really needs to add her in a more prominent role as...idk...something. Oh..and Chen too, I suppose.

User Info: realast_killaz1

5 years ago#2

User Info: Sir Will

Sir Will
5 years ago#3
Yeah he shows up a couple times but she's not with him. Guess he left her at the brewery. She must be miffed.
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User Info: Amakusa

5 years ago#4
Her whereabouts are documented in Li Li's Travel Journal that periodically updates on Blizzard's web site. Currently her movements lag behind the player character (the latest part has her heading for the Vale of Eternal Blossoms).
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