Can druids solo Onyxia at 90 now?

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  3. Can druids solo Onyxia at 90 now?

User Info: wieheistdu

5 years ago#1
Xbox Live GT: Nebbycat2004

User Info: realast_killaz1

5 years ago#2
no, but dks can

User Info: ZombieAkane

5 years ago#3
I soloe'd as a Monk Tank ilvl sub heroic. Im sure a feral can.
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User Info: scarecrows

5 years ago#4
I did it a few hours ago on my mage in heroic blues.
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The Steel Phantom 5 years ago#5
I'm sure a druid could do it, seeing as I can do it on my Rogue and... well, druids are better in every way. -_-
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User Info: Lady_Tygry

5 years ago#6
Druids could solo her at 85.
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
5 years ago#7
Who CANT solo Onyxia at 90?
Rogue PvP in a nutshell.

User Info: Aposter26

5 years ago#8
Just tried it and succeeded with my fire mage, ilvl. 476. Obviously a feral Druid can.

User Info: Coop14

5 years ago#9
From: Little Zardar | #007
Who CANT solo Onyxia at 90?

This seriously

EVERYONE can solo Onyxia now, its just a boring as hell fight
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User Info: Utinil

5 years ago#10
Druids easily soloed her at 85 as any spec (yes some were much slower than others) so 90 should be a breeze.
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  3. Can druids solo Onyxia at 90 now?

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