where do i get the new dailies from?

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  3. where do i get the new dailies from?

User Info: GGooDD

4 years ago#1
alright so when patch came out, did all the new quests, (5 or whatever) and where do i get the dalies? this is stupid, ive flown all over this boring zone and i cant find anything.

(horde side)

thanks if u point me in any direction that makes some sense.

when i started the dailies it was for the mine, i didnt feel like doing them, abandoned them, now a couple days later, nothing.

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User Info: Rama_III

4 years ago#2
...the same place you got your first ones from.
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User Info: Tloya

4 years ago#3
Just go to where the new flight path is, and the daily start should be nearby.
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  3. where do i get the new dailies from?

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