Poll: Horde Druid Race?

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User Info: webbc99

5 years ago#11
Tauren for Herbalism racial.

Nothing better than a Tauren Druid flying around stealing herbs.
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User Info: SlyClone2k

5 years ago#12
Tauren + herbalism + druid flight form = win

What good is being able to insta-skin in flight form!
-Because spelling isn't important on the Internet. Grow up.-

User Info: Elaeus

5 years ago#13
I voted troll cuz that was one of the things I really looked forward in Cata and was not disappointed at all.
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User Info: Sulticune

5 years ago#14
If you're gonna be a herbalist, then Tauren is the right answer.

War Stomp is more useful than 'zerking in PvP, but 'zerking wins in PvE.

Balance = Troll
Guardian = Tauren
Feral = Either
Restoration = Either (Glyph of the Treant ftw!)
Chaos in Order brings Order to Chaos. Honour the Balance
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User Info: redundancies

5 years ago#15
MegaSlush posted...
Tauren for sexiness.

I think you mean "troll for sexiness". Dem tusks.

Not only is Tauren better for tanking due to racials, the Tauren bear form looks a lot better than the troll one. For others I'd take troll.

User Info: 4sakuraHa0

5 years ago#16
Male Tauren !
They have the funniest dance !
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