Kick-Voting still rampant in WoW?

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User Info: TheRaven1406

5 years ago#1
I'm not playing atm, but I'm curious, do people still kick-vote all the time?

Some of the inane "reasons" I've seen for kicking in WoW:

- Kicking because a lower geared DPS did less than the others in gear 20 item levels higher
.- kicking because a group wanted to invite a guild member for the last boss
- kicking because you might roll on the same gear
- kicking because someone said "this is my first time in this instance"
- kicking because they simply don't ike you
- kicking for disconnect and not even waiting 1min for someone to come back
- kicking wordless, for no reason

The Vote Kick UI is poor as well, it's way to easy to just mindlessly click "yes"

I've played two other games with group finder in the mean time and I've seen ONE vote kick for reasons other than >5min AFK (and it didn't get through).

User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
5 years ago#2
I haven't experienced it at all.

User Info: Hak

5 years ago#3
Rarely see it to be honest. Think the only time I've seen it in recent times was a Hunter doing about 10k dps at level 90. Reason to kick was "Al'Akir idiot". Vote passed pretty much immediately. Nobody likes Al'akir-EU.
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User Info: TheRaven1406

5 years ago#4
Maybe I just had bad luck with groups. I wasn't kicked that often but I witnessed many unfair vote-kicks :-/ It had improved a bit since the group finder tried to put people from the same server in the group.

User Info: ToadstoolPeach

5 years ago#5
The only kicks I've seen are for afk people, disconnects, and a few pranks.

User Info: monkeehands

5 years ago#6
Kick voting would involve remaining out of combat for several seconds. Given how rushy people are these days that doesn't happen too often

User Info: Aposter26

5 years ago#7
I never see kicks for low DPS, even in raids. The only 2 I've seen recently is where a Balance Druid qued as a healer in Heart of Fear, and one for AFK half the raid. Other than that people are pretty tolerant of anything. At least on my realm.

User Info: Sellus Gravius

Sellus Gravius
5 years ago#8
I think they have either made it so that if you're in there as a group (like with friends) you can't vote kick without someone elses vote too, OR they made it so a vote kick requires 4 votes instead of 3. Because I've been doing dungeons with my 2 friends and in the past we could vote kick anyone because we had the majority, but now it rarely works.

Note: We only vote kick for good reason, like if someone is actually a total moron.

User Info: Tloya

5 years ago#9
Actually.... I think I can honestly say that in my experience there are many fewer vote kicks now than there were during Catacylsm. First of all, as previously mentioned, changes have been made to the system so that groups of people who queued together have less power over a group and can't kick with impunity. Second, and I think more importantly, heroics are much easier than they were in Cataclysm. Back during Cata, especially in 4.0 and 4.1, heroics were much more unforgiving and players much more easily frustrated due to the wiping, so there was more of a hair trigger to boot someone who could potentially prevent the group from completing the dungeon quickly.

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
5 years ago#10
I haven't been kicked or witness a kick other than for a long-term dc since MoP dropped.
And I totally deserve to get kicked too, considering I'm DPSing as Blood. I think people have learned to not give a damn about easy content.
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