Add a 4th spec to your class! (sorry druids, none for you)

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  3. Add a 4th spec to your class! (sorry druids, none for you)

User Info: hurtloide

4 years ago#1
I do not want this, just thought it would be fun:
Other than Class, you
- Must Specify Roll: (Tank/Heal/Dps/(New Roll, support?)
- Must Specify 1-2 spec-only abilities.

User Info: Tloya

4 years ago#2
Warlock - Demon Hunter - Tank
Spec Only:
Dark Melee (passive): The warlock may equip one-handed daggers, swords, axes and fist-weapons, and can dual-wield. Parry chance increased by spellpower.
Dark Apotheoisis: The warlock takes on a partial demon form, gaining new defensive capabilities. Does all the stuff the glyph Dark Apoth currently does but balanced for being constantly active and working with Dark Melee. Lasts until canceled.

User Info: taketheshoeoff

4 years ago#3
rogue, hunter, warrior

Heal Spec

unique class ability:

HEAL: 999999 points of healing, 2 sec cast time, Only useable on other people. Causes the caster to be muted in chat. Forces auto follow on tank.
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User Info: TheGreatCheeze

4 years ago#4
Paladin - Zealot - DW DPS

Holy concussion- Slam both weapons on the ground to create a holy shockwave emitting in a circle around the caster, knocking foes back and stunning them for 4 seconds.

Heaven's Wrath (Like from D2)- Creates a bolt of lightning to shock the target, causing damage and casts a DoT spell, Impending Judgement, on all enemies within 10 yards of the target.

They'd be an AoE heavy spec, meant to dual wield maces.
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User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
4 years ago#5
Priest - Intervention: Tank Spec

Spec Only

Empowered Levitation (passive): While levitating, all of your single target damage spells affect 2 more targets within 8 yards of your initial target. All threat generation is increased by 500%. Immune to all ground targeted attacks, spells, and effects. Levitation no longer cancels on damage.

Rigorous Crusade (passive): Smite is now melee range and instant cast. Casting smite lowers the remaining time on your Weakened Soul effect by 1 second for each target it damages.

Intensify (passive): Holy Fire forces the target to attack you for 3 seconds. Inner Fire increases your armor by 2000%

Rising Angel: Fly upwards and carry all enemies around you into mid air, rooting you and the enemies for 10 seconds. Enemies in the air are immune to melee damage from players on the ground, but receives double damage from spells and ranged attacks. 5 min cool down.
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User Info: ss5joshua

4 years ago#6
Death Knight - Necromancer - Caster DPS

Raise Dead: Starts with only the base undead ghoul as your pet, but using this ability will make corporeal creatures into your undead minions (does not work on the undead). Target will shrink to your size, similar to a hunter's pet when tamed. Minion stays with you until killed or dismissed. Stats are lowered/raised to a set level to keep pets from being overpowered, but keep most of the abilities they had in life.

Necrotic Cyst: - Places a cyst of dark energy in the target, dealing shadow damage over time. If timer reaches 0, the cyst explodes, dealing a high amount of shadow damage. If the target dies before the timer reaches 0, the minion is immediately raised as part of the Necromancer's army.
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User Info: Aceron

4 years ago#7
Priest - Mercy
Role - Melee Healing. healing spec that trades versatility for strength by requiring the healer to be extremely close to the people they try to heal.

Mending touch - A cheap, powerful channeled heal that requires melee range to use.
Martyrdom - Cooldown ability, reduces all damage taken by 80%, and redirects all damage taken by nearby allies to you for 6 seconds.
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User Info: Otimus

4 years ago#8
A sort of Holy DPS spec would be kind of neat for Paladins, but I can't think of any abilities or anything.
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User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
4 years ago#9
Either a Tank spec for my Lock, or a Necromancer caster spec for my DK, like other posters here described, lets use some of dat int plate.

User Info: hurtloide

4 years ago#10
gotta say, impressed with most of your answers. Picturing it is even better.
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  3. Add a 4th spec to your class! (sorry druids, none for you)

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