Add a 4th spec to your class! (sorry druids, none for you)

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User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#11
My main is a druid - so here's on for my primary alt's class, shaman (which has been mentioned before, but not in this thread):

Tank spec. Not sure what I'd name it, but you'd havge a spell similar to Righteous Fury that you cast on yourself to boost threat, change the Rockbiter unleash to a proper taunt (instead of a fixate) and passives to boost defensive ability since you're wearing mail. Gearing would be similar to Enhance except it would use a 2h instead of dual wielding - this would also allow Blizzard to bring back 2h agility maces since multiple classes would be able to use them again.

User Info: Dawnshadow

4 years ago#12
Death Knight-- Runic. Ranged caster spec, uses shadow and arcane elemental damage, wears spell plate, caster weapons, and has a spirit to hit conversion so they can share gear with holy paladins. Their runic power acts more like a mana (or energy?) bar instead of a rage bar-- it regenerates while out of combat, although using runes also regenerates runic. Their most powerful attacks will take runic power.

The idea is a ranged caster that plays more like a melee character than most. Not many cast times.

Runic Strikes (Passive)-- Your melee strikes and Pestilence now have a 40 yard range. The range of your Icy Touch and Death Coil is also increased to 40 yards. However, you can no longer dual wield. [I think the range on most ranged DPS abilities is 40 yards. If I'm wrong, assume that the 40 is whatever it's supposed to be.]

Runic Presence-- Your runic power regenerates slowly while your are out of combat, and your main hand weapon DPS is increased by x% of your spellpower. [This is to make up for the fact that caster weapon DPS is low, and most Strikes scale with weapon DPS.]

Bone Storm-- 80 runic power, channeled AoE. Conjures a storm of bone shards.

Decimate-- 40 runic power; an instant attack that deals shadow/arcane damage.

Summon Shade-- Replaces Raise Dead. Shades use ranged shadow attacks and have different utility abilities than the typical ghouls.
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User Info: 0pt1muzPr1m3

4 years ago#13


DPS: 2H + shield
uses a shield offensively rather than defensively.

Shield Strike: Heavy strike with the shield dealing 200% weapon damage. Each Heroic Strike has a chance of procing Shield Strike. 8 sec CD.

<insert cool name here>: The warrior discards his shield and goes full offensive. All damage done increases by 100%, however damage taken also increases by 50%. Lasts 10 seconds.
60 sec CD.
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User Info: MegumiChan

4 years ago#14
Poacher: Joke spec designed to deal loads of damage but only against Beasts.

User Info: panzar dragoon

panzar dragoon
4 years ago#15
Priest: Cleric

Chakra: Guardian (Passive) - Inner Fire now increases your armor by 2000% (Or whatever value would be comparable to plate wearers), increases threat generation by 500%, increases your parry chance by your spell power, Smite and Holy Fire are now instant cast, and their mana costs are reduced by 90%.
Holy Strength (Passive) - Attack power increased by spell power.
Holy Word: Strike (Active) - Releases a burst of light in a cone in front of the user, dealing X damage and causing a high amount of threat. Causes targets to focus on the caster.
Holy Defenses (Passive) - Increases the amount of damage your shield absorbs by X, and each time you parry an attack weakened soul's effect is reduced by one second.
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User Info: NtheRiddle

4 years ago#16
So... Warlocks in plate is what I'm getting from this... I mean more so than DKs already are...
.....umm .....yeah
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User Info: AssultTank

4 years ago#17
Mage: Time Warden

Description: The Time Warden is capable of affecting the flow of time causing wounds to heal faster or even to rewind the injury a short time.

Mastery: Vortex Manipulation. The mage grows more adept at manipulating the flow of time causing Alter Time, Rollback, and Fast Forward to increase in duration by 1 second (+0.1s/mastery %) and all Vortex spells to heal 1% more per 1% of mastery.

Rollback : Instant Cast: 2 minute CD: Rolls back the target up to 2 seconds returning Health to the highest level it was at in that time period. Cannot be cast on a dead player Rollback length increased by Mastery.

Fast Forward: Instant Cast: Causes the target's wounds to heal more quickly. HoT effect. Duration and healing amount should be balanced. Duration Increased by Mastery.

Vortex Drain: Channeled: The mage opens up a time vortex which pulses every 2 sec, healing(by speeding the wound healing rate) the 5 most injured party or raid members within 40 yards for (Tranq amount)

Vortex Manipulation: Warps the time vortex to instantly heal the target for (healing amount)(balanced like a small cheap heal)

Vortex Command: Warps the time vortex to instantly heal the target for (healing amount)(balanced like a big slow heal)

Alter Time; Changed: Can now be cast on other players, but if it is, no longer saves buffs and debuffs, only health and mana/rage/energy.

Vortex Call: Warps the time vortex to instantly heal the target for (healing amount)(balanced like a fast expensive heal)

Of course, all numbers would have to be balanced to fit with other healers... But I think it would be cool. This is how the American tax system works...

User Info: gamefaqwatcher

4 years ago#18
Mage: Vendor

"Reaches further into the nether to expand utility"

Guess it can be a healer as well.

-Mastery increases the benefit recieved from conjured items (+1 stam/int/etc per certain %)
-A jeeves type of water genie, 3min CD on summon vendor)
-Summons bank
-Places some knock-off totem which pulsates arcane explosions
-Minor glyph blink = roll
-Reverse life grip to summon.
-insert other abilities stolen from other classes here (Similar to what monks did).

User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
4 years ago#19
NtheRiddle posted...
So... Warlocks in plate is what I'm getting from this... I mean more so than DKs already are...

Nah actual Necromancer, lots of simultaneous UD minions, and blood and bone themed curses and ranged spells

User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#20
Caster pally; name it Smite Master or whatever.
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