Anyone else misses "original" Warriors?

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  3. Anyone else misses "original" Warriors?

User Info: Glockass1

4 years ago#1
I'm talking about this:

Stance dancing, Bladestorm, Rends, Intercepts...
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User Info: UnboundAbyss

4 years ago#2
I miss the time when warriors didn't have stuns that belong to Protection and couldn't self-heal for 750k in 1 Arena match.
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User Info: TurtleT9

4 years ago#3
Warrior is more boring now than it was in wrath. Part of it is the nature of the game, but there was just more opportunity for skill back then. Nowadays the biggest skill component of a warrior is being able to mass reflect cc on your warrior or knowing when to pop avatar/recklol. You rarely back out to charge anymore, or focus charge/intercept since everything important is insta-cast (blood fear is hilarious).

User Info: InfestedAdam

4 years ago#4
When I think of "original" warriors I think of the ones before the Rage normalization. Against the poorly geared ones they were harmless. Against ones that were well geared I recall they could easily get a full Rage bar in one or two white attacks.

Before the cross-server Battlegrounds I was grinding for my Rank 11 and there was one well known warrior on our server who was easily recognizable as he was a male Night Elf with the Crown of Destruction, Drake Talon Pauldrons and Untamed Blade and when Battlegrounds were more tight-nit back then you would start seeing the same faces over and over.

The moment I see him and the moment he Charges at me I pretty much just let him kill me as fearing him away was near impossible even if I timed it to land in between his cooldowns and all it took for him was a Charge, Hamstring and normal attacks to take me out. I believe he was sword-specialized as well so that helped him kill me faster.

On the flipside my warrior friend had similar fun against other squishies back then. He was also sword-specialized and was using the Hand of Justice trinket from Blackrock Depth. When both procs went off I recall him being able to almost instagib most other players.
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User Info: gamesNroses

4 years ago#5
I agree 100%. I came back to the game when patch 5.0 hit and wasn't too thrilled with the warrior changes. So now we use abilities to generate rage? Sounds like some variation on death knights. Wrath was a terrible, terrible expansion but I do think that is when warriors were the most fun in pvp.

User Info: SilentZed

4 years ago#6
Vanilla/BC Warrior = Helicopter
Wrath Warrior = Manual Transmission Automobile
Cata/MoP Warrior = Go-Kart
/target Face
/cast Palm

User Info: MrBigJohnson

4 years ago#7
Stance dancing never took skill.
/use Battle Stance
/use Overpower
Wasn't skill. It was a useless archaic mechanic just like requiring us to carry a sword and board at all times for shield wall/spell reflect.
I didn't like the rage normalization, or the enrage only from certain abilities. But now i'm used to it and it's much more streamlined than it was.
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User Info: vahndragonwing

4 years ago#9
original warriors


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User Info: Vonkilington

4 years ago#10
Wrath is in no way "original" warrior style.

But it sure beats the hell out of what it is now /:

I do miss planning duels around Bladestorm though. If I could get a good storm off, I would win. If I didn't, it was about 70/30 that I was going to lose.
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