Girlfriend Ultimatum: "Stop playing WoW or I'm leaving..."

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User Info: DamorahTalset

4 years ago#61
She's not the one. Find another. Like you said, you're just as entitled to raiding as she is to her girl nights.

Also, the toilet seat up thing has always seemed a bit sexist to me. Guess what girls? We don't like touching it either.
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User Info: Falos

4 years ago#62
Oh look, it's this thread again.

My usual answer? It's a blackmail relationship. Compliance doesn't stop a demand, it respawns it, you'll hear the same song in a week.

If someone holds the relationship over your head, the only correct response is the finger.
Ever squish your face on a window? Looks funny. Ever got stuck?

User Info: Purification

4 years ago#63
The correct answer to deal with this situation is that your girlfriend needs She needs to be subjugated and her will needs to be broken. I suggest you invite your WoW buddies over (if they're in the area) and you all have some fun with her. If you crush her rebellious spirit and force her her rightful position, she will be unable to go against you.
The Judge, Jury, and Executioner

User Info: Nonoririko

4 years ago#64
It sounds like she already is cheating.
Just looking for an excuse good enough to finally say its over.
But it can't be her fault. So she is forcing you to do it for her.

Why don't you tell her something like,
"Go ahead and leave I've been cheating on you for 2 years already anyways."
Make sure you hide your valuables before any confrontations.
Have a disposable camera ready to take pictures.
She might start breaking things.

Final word is a bit of legal advice. If she gets physical with you call the police
and do not touch her. Anything as little as a shove will land you in jail.
It ain't worth your trouble. Let it go.

User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#65
WOW aint worth a person, and posting compromising photos of her online isn't justice. It's her choice to leave, just like it's your choice to leave her for a video game. Don't punish her for it.
Currently commanding a platoon of coconuts. Slow work, but very fulfilling.

User Info: Newave

4 years ago#66
You sound like a horrible person to live with/be around.

At the very least stop smoking, leaving the toilet seat up and all that stuff FOR YOURSELF.
Just think of the money you'll save and how much more enjoyable you'll be to be around for the rest of the world, including the girlfriend you for unknown reasons still have at the moment.

Do yourself that favor, in the end you'll thank yourself.
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User Info: magnusmagnetic

4 years ago#67
Anytime a girl makes demands say no.

I don't respond well to demands I'm likely to say GTFO

Explain in detail why you don't want to do things.

Make plans for another time and keep your word.

She probably thinks you don't care about her and if you don't let her leave.

User Info: RomeoMinola

4 years ago#68
I know it's a troll topic but should I be surprised by the number of people that are blaming the girl here?

Blowing off work to play games when you can barely afford you house: Good

Girl that doesn't want to be with a pathetic bum: Bad

Only on Gamefaqs.

User Info: Panzerscrap

4 years ago#69
Sorry, but this topic sounds like someone baiting the WoW community into coming to the defense of someone who puts WoW above their romantic relationship in an effort to characterize us all as pathetically devoted to video game.

User Info: fan360

4 years ago#70
If you stop, you waste $15.
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