Girlfriend Ultimatum: "Stop playing WoW or I'm leaving..."

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User Info: Lady_Tygry

5 years ago#81
okay. so what was the point of your original post

If someone has been doing something in a relationship for years, e.g., playing video games, it doesn't suddenly become so intolerable that it results in an ultimatum. If, however, someone gets tired of 'playing house' and there's no real reason for not having moved forward in the commitment, it's not uncommon for the person who's unhappy to latch on to another aspect of a stagnant relationship for use as a scapegoat in their declaration that they've had enough.

Had I known someone was going to focus on the co-habitation itself rather than the length of it, I would have clarified in my original post. Is this a given for anyone in this sort of situation? Absolutely not, there are couples who happily live together for years with no intention of marriage but I daresay they're in a minority. I've only witnessed multiple scenarios myself where the woman got tired of waiting around and just seized upon a smaller annoyance to justify her desire to move on. If she says, 'I'm tired of waiting on you. Put a ring on it or I'm out!' then well, it's not really fair to the man.
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User Info: Khazaror

5 years ago#83
Do the right thing.....and end her life!
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