Enhance/Resto leveling vs. Feral/Resto leveling

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User Info: ouFIJI

4 years ago#1
Got all the heirlooms needed for each spec. Whether I start a Shaman or Druid, I plan on being DPS main spec for questing and heals for off-spec (probably to do most dungeons at least once for quests and maybe a little PvP) so I'll be familiar with both at max level. I plan to be a PvP healer at 90.

1) Would one choice be noticeably faster than the other in terms of reaching 90? I guess I haven't really heard much in terms of killing speed, downtime, or survivability for Enhance or Feral.

2) I'm torn between the choices of Dwarf vs. Panda and Night Elf vs. Worgen. Dwarves have always been badass, Pandas are new and fresh, Night Elf Shadowmeld is nasty, and Worgen just look straight awesome.

3) For anybody with one or both classes, how do you enjoy them?

User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#2
Why not just level Elemental and you'll only need one gear-set? ESPECIALLY in MoP content, as you'll get a crapton of Spirit items while leveling as Elemental.
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User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#3
Feral and enhance both kill very fast and have little downtime - enhance may have a slight edge due to Malestrom Weapon heals.

Druid and shaman are my top two characters. Enhance is my favorite DPS spec because I like the use of short cooldowns as my "resource" slightly more than the combopoint/finisher system of feral - and both offer the fast striking melee which I've liked for years (I'm someone who always played Chun-Li in Street Fighter and its descendants...). My main is my druid though, because I enjoy tanking.

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User Info: Super_Archer

4 years ago#4
I have a 90 Enhance Shaman and I leveled a friend's Druid in WotLK (My knowledge with Druids might be outdated)

1. There is a Panda racial that buffs your rested exp, if you are into that. Both pretty much have no downtime, since they can heal themselves while fighting. The Druid's Flight Form and Stealth can help greatly with questing though. I'd say it depends on how much you play the character...if you go Panda Shaman, then you can play a hour or two every couple days and do well, while the Druid would do better if you play it a lot.

2. Panda/Night Elf for better racials, imho. I doubt you'd look at your Druid in Caster Form too much, so decide on the skins of the different forms.

3. I like Enhance a lot. Resto is decent, Elemental is dead to me. I only have experience with Moonkin/Kitty Druids, and I liked how Roguelike it is.
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User Info: ouFIJI

4 years ago#5
Only thing that's a bummer is I think both male Night Elf and Worgen casting animations are disgusting. I prefer not to roll female, not quite sure why.
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