How to start lorewalkers?

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User Info: geno21

4 years ago#1
Anyone know what the prerequisites are to get lorewalkers unlocked as a faction? I remember on my main without arch I got the quest that introduces you to them and takes you to their area above the palace. I didn't get that quest on my alt with max arch and I just went there anyways and cleaned out the bookshelf and did the daily but neither gave me any rep. What am I doing wrong?
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User Info: Super_Archer

4 years ago#2
Get flying, then go find those shiny scroll things.
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User Info: Egxamer1

4 years ago#3
I used the lorewalker guide on wowhead on the comments section some generous nerd posted all the coordinates, i went into wow window mode and made that line up of coords on the left hand side of my screen, cranked up the 70s road music and cruised from zone to zone. Whole thing took about 2hours and yes i am jncluding watching all of the presentations at the end. Enjoy your cloud its my favorite so far this xpac.
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